Wednesday, November 6, 2013

It's All-Action In The New Promo For THE WRATH OF VAJRA

An illustrious new action montage is now accessible on MTime promoting the newly theatrically released period fantasy action adventure, The Wrath Of Vajra. The footage is all new and shows actor Shi Yanneng (a.k.a. Xing Yu) in his 1st lead part taking on three of the film's big bosses played by the towering Jiang Baocheng, actor and b-boy Nam "Poppin" Hyun-Joon, and actor Steve Yoo, featuring higher energy action choreography by stunt coordinator Peng Zhang.

I fail to think any type of description is necessary at this point. The fighting looks naturally brilliant and badass, and highlights the finish-all-be-all cause why anybody should go and see this movie when it is released beyond borders, if not as a precursor to director Law Wing-Cheong's next release, Iceman 3D. So on that note, you already know what to do.

The film also stars Zhang Yamei, Tony Liu, Hiroyuki Ikeguchi and international action legend Yasuaki Kurata, and is awaiting North American release by Nicely Go USA and other nations.

In the 1930s China, a Japanese cult known as The Temple of Hades was ordered to cooperate with the Japanese military, taking as a lot of young youngsters from poor families as feasible, to train and turn into lethal killing machines in service of the Emperor. Vajra, who was 1 of the young children taken into captivity, was forced to fight for meals, accidentally killing his brother in the process. As the years passed and Vajra grew older, he became a single of the temple's most gifted killers. Vajra ultimately escapes to China and joins Shaolin, exactly where he receives spiritual enlightenment and vows to shield China from the minions of the powerful cult that made him as sturdy and deadly as he is.
It's All-Action In The New Promo For THE WRATH OF VAJRA
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