Friday, November 1, 2013

Is "KL Gangster 3" Doomed?

Some of you may possibly recall how impressed you were by the awesomeness presented in the trailer for franchise writer and director Syamsul Yusof's explosive, martial arts action-packed Fall gangster thriller, KL Gangster two. Fanfare around the world wide web buzzed heavily about the film in the two years ahead of the film's theatrical release as moviegoers around the planet who learned of the film's existence hoped to find out far more about additional distribution of the film beyond its Malaysian borders.

For those concerned, the film took the prime spot on its opening weekend, eventually beating Gravity and Cloudy With A Chance Of Meatballs 2. But its achievement came with a lot of be concerned, especially Yusof who avoided the press and was reportedly devastated to the point of practically quitting filmmaking as nearby police began an investigation searching into many cases of the film's online leak a month before its October three release. This evidently left the film's cast and crew asking yourself about the fate of the franchise, including 1 of the leads, actor Aaron Aziz who moreso expressed his optimism for a third chapter to the story in an interview posted earlier this month at the Strait Times. "If you ask me, Malek’s story can be developed additional." he says. "I feel that he is an exciting character and there is a lot far more to him than what is told via these two films,”.

The 1st film, KL Gangster, released in 2011, eventually becoming a blockbuster success upon earning practically $ four million from a $ 500K spending budget. And with the reported accomplishment of this year's prequelized adhere to-up thusfar in spite of its price range getting four instances bigger than its predecessor, and the looming threat of piracy worldwide, a massive question mark surrounds the prospects of a third film, and whether or not Yusof decides to helm it.

For now, theater-going patrons across Malaysia, Singapore and Brunei got their money's worth. And although piracy is seems to be a common factor nowadays, it does not necessarily mean that nothing at all can be carried out about it. Someone has a job to do, and it merely wants to be completed. Hell, after what occurred with Undisputed 3, I consider us fairly fortunate. That's just my opinion.

Let's hope for some further release news across the pond.

KL Gangster 2 stars Aaron Aziz, Adi Putra, along with Zizan Raja LawakRidzuan Hashim, Soffi Jikan and Rosyam Nor.

Despite the ideal efforts of Malek (Aaron Aziz), his younger brother, petty drug dealer Jai (Adi Putra), sinks deeper and deeper into the planet of gangland activity and organised crime. When a series of tragedies befall their loved ones, Malek has no decision but to join 1 of the gangs and plays a pivotal component in an all-out turf war instigated by violent rival gang leader Tailong (Rosyam Nor).
Is "KL Gangster 3" Doomed?
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