Friday, November 1, 2013

How to maintain a healthy body

and how to maintain a healthy body weight easily and safely

The human body is actually a healthy destined walafiat.tugas we are keeping our bodies healthy , if you want to if your body ache ? certainly not mau.maka of it from now on we take care of our health to keep it healthy under way later .

graffiti entitled kesejatan way keep body and this body I created especially for my own human whose name is sometimes lupa.dan generally to a friend penbaca all friends who also like to keep his health always .

how to maintain a healthy body and weight

1 . always think positive
The first step is to always maintain a healthy weight because positive thinking in a healthy body there is a healthy life , a healthy soul in a healthy mind pula.ayo there from now on always think positive in order that our body is always healthy .

2 . eating healthy foods on a regular basis
The second step in how to maintain a healthy body is to maintain your diet , haruns foods contain protein , vitamins , carbohydrates contained in
four healthy , perfect five .

3 . regular exercise
exercise every morning it is very important for maintaining health sports badan.untuk long do about 15 minutes long but regularly every hari.isyaallah our bodies will be healthy

4 . hygiene
Do not forget to keep clean because the base sehat.menjaga ranging from self- cleaning up the environment .

5 . always pray
healthy because it millik god then we require to always pray / request to Almighty God , we pray sholat.dengan way also moves like sports gerkan prayer can also make your body more healthy , so do not ever leave the prayer .

That means keeping kerhatan body weight and hopefully this can be useful for health anda.menjaga it cheaper than we are sick then taken to a hospital that price is definitely expensive , therefore sanda must maintain your health .
How to maintain a healthy body
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