Monday, November 4, 2013

Indonesia's Skylar Pictures Bring All-Female Action To The Big Screen in GUARDIAN

Electrifying Southeast Asia's action film sector, Welsh filmmaker Gareth Evans is not the only genius operating behind the camera to produce action packed entertainment for audiences. As the Jakarta Globe reports, the individuals over at South Jakarta-based Skylar Photographs are at the moment in the middle of their most current try at a blockbuster martial arts action picture titled Guardian.

The film is headlined by a cast that boasts a strong female action presence led by Indonesian actresses Dominique Diyose and Belinda Camesi, who play a mother on the run with her daughter as she trains her for the day they have to fight for their lives against an evil mafia boss, whose wife also sets out looking for retribution following wrongfully serving ten years in prison for his crimes.

Canadian actress Sarah Carter, and actresses Kimmy Jayanti and Naomi Zaskia round out the cast along with Indonesian heartthrob Nino Fernandez, and from The Raid two: Berandal, actor Tio Pakusadewo. Sarah Carter is also greatest recognized for her part in the hit tv series, Falling Skies, and films such as the 2003 horror thriller, Final Location two, and Corey Yuen's 2006 live action adaptation of the Temco/Team Ninja fighting game, Dead Or Alive.

Executive developed by Skylar Images President Sarjono Sutrisno, Guardian is reportedly the 19th film from writer and director/Skylar VP Helfi Kardit, in his 1st try at a blockbuster action image. He tells the Jakarta Globe his motivation for a key action picture with an all-female line-up is backed by his appreciation for films such as these in the Bourne franchise, in addition to that of filmmakers like Michael Mann and the late Tony Scott. “I want to make an Indonesian film that is attractive for each Indonesian and international viewers.” he says. "I wanted to make a movie like that, but with female characters,”. The production also boasts a price range of ten billion Rupiah, which equates to a million dollars in U.S. currency, the exact same budget for PT Merantau's 2011/2012 film, The Raid: Redemption.

With nine automobiles reportedly destroyed in 25 days of filming, production is anticipated to get larger, with heavy emphasis on vehicle destriction and explosive gun battles, as effectively as its own share of hand-to-hand fisticuffs and kick-ass action sequences to boot. And the promotional teaser under is proof of specifically that.

Guardian is at present readying for film festival spots in Rotterdam and over at Sundance just before its release next year in either April or May possibly.

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Indonesia's Skylar Pictures Bring All-Female Action To The Big Screen in GUARDIAN
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