Monday, November 4, 2013

Brutal Action Awaits In The Upcoming Indie Crime Drama, A DANCE WITH THE DEVIL

Things are taking place in Florida's brewing independent action business with aspiring filmmaker, actor and action performer Danny Vega and his team over at Project Rize. Their new self-financed independent action drama, A Dance With The Devil, is presently in production and with a release date setting up for later this year.

As a precursor to his place in the Florida based action film group, ENSO Productions, Vega began instruction in martial arts at the age of four and then moved to Florida where he would sooner or later meet and grow up training with ENSO's would-be founder, Walter Garcia. Inspired by the filmic inner-workings of their instructor, actor Ryan Robertson, the 3 would move on to star in their initial project, Mambovision Films 2009 murder mystery action thriller, Dishwasher. In the two years that followed with the creation of ENSO, the three would continue adding much more members and expanding their resumès with more original content, garnering numerous awards for their perform on shortfilms such as A Spaniard's Tale, Willing and Abele, and Batman: The Last Laugh.

Now in 2013 and working on becoming an outstanding and complete-fledged filmmaker, Vega is coming into his own with Project Rize, an independent movie production group whose name is derived from Vega's own way of delivering a platform other aspiring actors and filmworkers in his house state of Florida. And not for absolutely nothing either, as he exemplifies this with the inclusion of two of Florida's greatest young and brightest increasing performers, Genesis Action Stunts founder Anthony Giovanni Elias and Genesis fellow member Reko Rivera.

Vega shared his jubilance with me on the apparent transcendence of independent action filmmaking in his state, saying, "I love the truth that action films are expanding in Florida. It's wonderful to see other people sharing the dreams you have and all the talent, enjoy, and fantastic energy it really is making. I feel that for the previous couple of years action cinema wasn't as strong as it used to be specifically in Florida. But now it's booming once again and the public loves it. Who doesn't like to see a excellent ass kicking from time to time!"

Vega says fans can anticipate "an eerie gangster action film" that blends the aestheticism in classics such as The Godfather, Goodfellas, and Scarface, with what he describes as a "brutal street really feel" in the design of the film's inspired action sequences, a single of which can be observed in the newly accessible preview clip beneath featuring Elias and Rivera. The upcoming film also stars Joshua Lamboy and James R. Dempster, and will hopefully lead to a sequel in the years ahead.

For more info on how you can adhere to the action, pay a visit to the film's official facebook web page.

Brutal Action Awaits In The Upcoming Indie Crime Drama, A DANCE WITH THE DEVIL
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