Friday, November 8, 2013

Fists, Kicks And Machine Gun-Fu Thrills Set Up New Teaser Footage For ELIT UNIT

An independent performer and stuntman because 2005, actor and action director Cedric Tellier has his personal independent film group, Ced-Creaction, primarily based in Marseille, France exactly where he presently teaches kung fu to over 800 students. Tellier is also looking to additional showcase his craft this week with a new teaser for with his newest passion project titled Elit Unit.

As of February, there are now three early teasers obtainable on Tellier's YouTube channel showcasing what is to come, particularly for fans who are into action scenes that contain a dynamic formula that incorporates hong kong action, with stylistic gun-fu and bullet ballet, performed by Tellier along with rising newcomer, actress and martial artist, M-Lee, in addition to many other members of Tellier's team. As far as the plot goes, Tellier teased just a couple of specifics, which includes that there will be no dialogue, and that there will also be little science fiction and graphic novel components incorporated in the final solution.

Elit Unit is presently in post production and is expected to be released on-line this vacation season as the very first installment of a a lot bigger series. In the meantime, subscribe to Tellier's YouTube channel via the embeds under, and keep tuned for more data as it comes.
The latest teaser is situated at the bottom of the page. Get pleasure from!

Fists, Kicks And Machine Gun-Fu Thrills Set Up New Teaser Footage For ELIT UNIT
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