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Zak Lee Guarnaccia Is Set To Star In WASTED And KALM

1 of the biggest topics I cover when talking to action actors and stunt performers about martial arts motion pictures is the want for individuals who are able to carry the weight of both acting and stunt performing, which also tends to make it less complicated for certain filmmakers and stunt coordinators to bring action to life on screen. This is some thing that remains a challenge to a lot of folks in film, but it is a challenge that has been embraced far and wide by a lot of individuals in the planet, most notably in the independent industry.

One of these men and women is Italian-born Zak Lee Guarnaccia, a multifaceted actor, martial artist, fitness expert and Hollywood stuntman whose career has been evolving his career in film, tv, martial arts and fitness with effectively-more than two decades of work offered for viewing on his IMDb page. Getting co-founded ZASH Productions in 2000 with fellow producer Shane Boroomand, Guarnaccia later revamped the firm with the new label, Lightrow Images in 2008, and released his directorial debut in 2009 titled Rules, a gritty, martial arts action horror film primarily based on a correct story. Rules has considering that gone on to the development of an upcoming sequel titled Rules Reborn, 1 of numerous Lightrow titles be co-produced with Paul Lupi beneath his banner, Mill Reef Films.

This week, it has been announced by way of a press release issued on Monday, that Guarnaccia is in talks for a function in the action suspense thriller, Wasted (formely recognized as 'Degradation'), primarily based on a script by producer Daniel Lupi. Guarnaccia also appears in a new pitch trailer for a martial arts bodyguard thriller he will also star in titled, Kalm.

I will be keeping an eye on these two productions as much attainable, so remain tuned for more data as it comes. In the meantime, watch the reel at the best of the web page, and then check out all the details and a lot more in the press release after the jump.

HOLLYWOOD, Calif., Aug. 12, 2013 (SEND2PRESS NEWSWIRE) -- Zak Lee Guarnaccia Actor/Stuntman, Executive Producer at LightRow Photos ( and Paul Lupi, Producer of Mill Reef Films, are building a function film in the martial-arts, action-thriller genre entitled "Kalm." In addition, Guarnaccia is in talks for a part in another Lupi production "WASTED" (formerly "Degradation"), written and created with brother Daniel Lupi ("Lincoln," "The Master," "There Will Be Blood," "Catch Me If You Can," "Boogie Nights"). 
"Kalm" is a bodyguard assigned to chauffeur a headlining exotic dancer to a desert town, when they get caught in the crossfire of warring drug lords. 
"Wasted" follows a suburban cop whose family members is targeted by a maniacal mastermind who drags them by means of a gauntlet of deceit, deviant sexual behavior, and murder. 
Guarnaccia's gritty film "Rules" grabbed the attention of Paul Lupi whose company Mill Reef Films is now in talks to co-make properties in the Lightrow roster, which contain "Wasted," "The Next Big Hit," "The Cook and The Thief," and "Guidelines Reborn." 
Award-winning actor Zak Lee Guarnaccia's rugged looks, relentless style of martial arts, and experience in stunt-operate and action choreography has lead to his reputation as "The Italian Jackie Chan." 
Guarnaccia says: "The film is an intense martial arts thriller, based on a man who goes by the name 'Kalm.' The character's demeanor intrigues me given that I am an energetic and enthusiastic particular person, and I get to play against sort, until all hell breaks loose." 
"Kalm" is written by Ken Mora, writer/producer of the spoof of Clint Eastwood's "Dirty Harry" films entitled "Magnum Farce," and boasts director of photography David Paul, of the film mythology "The Barbarians." The production will develop a distinct vision for "Kalm" which will be shot in the most desolate stretch of road in the USA. 
Guarnaccia's current appearances contain the psychotic henchman on "NCIS Los Angeles" season four episode "Lokhay," the lead part of Pancho Villa on Spike TV's "Deadliest Warrior" season three, a bodyguard in ABC's "Basic Hospital," and a nationally-aired American Express Industrial with Conan O'Brien. 
LightRow Photographs concurrent projects "The Next Huge Hit," ( functions the special genre mash-up of martial-arts and musical comedy, and the film "The Cook and the Thief" has drawn the active interest of Russell Wong ("The Mummy," "Romeo Should Die," "Joy Luck Club") and Lou Ferrigno ("The Hulk (Television)" and "I Adore You, Man"). 
A lot more details: Kalm Facebook fans: 
Facebook fans "I like ZLG Zak Lee Guarnaccia" 
Zak Lee Guarnaccia official internet site: 
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Zak Lee Guarnaccia Is Set To Star In WASTED And KALM
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