Saturday, November 2, 2013

Watch A New Trailer And Behind The Scenes Featurette For THE WRATH OF VAJRA

This week, fans got to see a brand new trailer featurette to assist market the upcoming September 24, 2013 3D premiere of The Wrath Of Vajra. There aren't any subtitles obtainable for the featurette, but according to numerous translational efforts from folks on my finish, it shows the following with director Law Wing Cheong discussing the three opponents lead actor Xing Yu faces in the film, played by Jiang Baocheng, Nam "Poppin" Hyun-Joon and Steve Yoo Seung-Joon.

Yoo goes on to describe his character saying "My character has quite powerful beliefs and will do something for them." with Law adding "Yoo's character is really interesting. He desires Iron Curtain and Crazy Ape to beat Vajra but at the very same time he'd rather them lose so he can fight Vajra himself." Yu shares his interpretation of the rivalry discussing how both his and Yoo's character are, in a way, "princes and geniuses" in their respective arts.

A little later, action director Peng Zhang describes the final fight and how it symbolizes the excellence of both characters in their fighting skills with their ring taking location on a higher platform. Later, Cheong goes on to discuss Yoo's fighting style, coined loosely as "Matchless Flowing Chops" (I guess a greater translation is needed) which is described as really powerful, opposite Yu's style utilized in the film loosely translated as "17 Seconds Absolute Death" which he learned from a Shaolin Monk after escaping the Japanese death cult. Yu goes on to describe the 17 seconds style saying that it expresses speed and shows the upper most limits of martial arts Ironically, his character also by no means finished understanding the style, which could improve the intensity and danger in the final fight with Yoo's character.

The featurette, which was released Monday on MTime can be viewed beneath the newly released trailer. The film is slated for a wider release, including in North America from Effectively Go USA, following its multi-territorial acquisition at Cannes over the summer season.

In the 1930s China, a Japanese cult known as The Temple of Hades was ordered to cooperate with the Japanese military, taking as many young youngsters from poor households as possible, to train and turn into lethal killing machines in service of the Emperor. Vajra, who was a single of the kids taken into captivity, was forced to fight for meals, accidentally killing his brother in the process. As the years passed and Vajra grew older, he became 1 of the temple's most gifted killers. Vajra ultimately escapes to China and joins Shaolin, where he receives spiritual enlightenment and vows to safeguard China from the minions of the powerful cult that created him as robust and deadly as he is.

Watch A New Trailer And Behind The Scenes Featurette For THE WRATH OF VAJRA
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