Saturday, November 9, 2013

[UPDATED] Behind The Scenes Footage & Photos From The Set Of TRACERS

A new film is at present in production for spanish director Daniel Benmayor's action thriller, Tracers. The Hollywood Reporter initially spoke of the film back in mid-Might 2012, with regards to the film's representation by FilmNation Entertainment at the Cannes Film Festival.

Tracers is being shot on place in New York City starring Taylor Lautner as a bike messenger indebted to the mafia, whose chance meeting with a attractive stranger leads him into her world, and the thrill of underground freerunning culture.

In my opinion, this is a quite great opportunity for Lautner to continue evolving as a possible action hero, seeing as how he is also a martial artist. Aside from the 2011 film, Abduction, and the Twilight films, a significantly younger Lautner displayed impressive screenfighting expertise as an early-stage genetically enhanced killer in the film, Shadow Fury, directed by Alpha stunts co-founder and action choreographer, Tatsuro Koike.

In an interview with MTV final year as the film had just been greenlit, producer Wyck Godfrey shared his thoughts about the upcoming film with regard to the genre, saying, "I believe we all have seen parkour as action sequences in films, but we haven't delved into the denizens of that world and what that's about. I type of consider of it as an action-heavy Gus Van Sant movie, since you genuinely dig into this society."

Head on over to Day-to-day Mail to check out exclusive photos from the set featuring Lautner with actor and stuntman Sam Medina. You can also check out some raw behind the scenes footage from the set beneath. The footage is from June 19, 2013, on place in upper Manhattan, in addition to Monday's footage just beneath it, dated June 24, 2013.

Tracers stars Taylor Lautner and Marie Avgeropolous, with a screenplay by Leslie Bohem, Matt Johnson, Matthew Johnson, Kevin Lund and T.J. Scott. Godfrey produces along with Marty Bowen, D. Scott Lumpkin and co-producer Adam C. Londy. Gary Powell and Lee Morrison, the inventive minds behind the incredible stunts seen in the 2012 Thanksgiving blockbuster, Skyfall, are directing the action. The film is aiming for a 2014 release from Temple Hill Entertainment.

Photo: Gossip Center
[UPDATED] Behind The Scenes Footage & Photos From The Set Of TRACERS
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