Monday, November 11, 2013

TRIBAL TIES Features Germany's "Young Masters" In Action

You may possibly recall German actor and martial artist Eskindir Tesfay from my prior shoutout featuring a new group reel from his own action group, Movie-Do. As it turns out, Tesfay's most recent collaboration will function even far more cool, action packed content awaiting from today's ever evolving and vibrant independent action filmmaking generation, this time, courtesy of Germany-based action team, Young Masters.

The team has a new teaser out for their August debut of their seven minute short fight action film, Tribal Ties, a project the team worked on along with fellow actor and action performer, Max Huang, final year The teaser is packed with all the trimmings of what is hunting exceptionally as an installment of independent action cinema excellence, inspired by martial arts, fantasy and the visual stylings of Japanese anime.

Take a appear at the teaser beneath, and for much more info, go to the official internet site for Young Masters.

TRIBAL TIES Features Germany's "Young Masters" In Action
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