Sunday, November 3, 2013

The Official Poster For Indie Action Short, DOG, Is Online

The new official poster is on-line for the upcoming brief film, Dog, starring Simon Wan, Martin Wan, and Sophia Del Pizzo. Take a appear:

Written and directed by independent filmmaker Robin Schmidt, the short film is a continuation of initial efforts in early 2013 to make a film prior to operating with MTA records to create a dual-themed two-portion cinematic action packed hip hop music video featuring rap artist and musician, Dream McClean. Considering that then, the music videos saw prospective for Schmidt and cast and crew, like the UK martial arts stunt group, SG Action, led by Dog stunt coordinator Chris Jones. And with the successful crowdfunding that followed, Schmidt was in a position to film the scenes he needed to support bring Dog to its fullest potential as a good quality induction into independent action cinema history.

Dog is officially in post for a hopeful late 2013/early 2014 release till further notice. In the meantime, Schmidt at present has a "rough-cut" eight minute intro featuring the initial fight scene, which you can verify out beneath.

Stick to SG Action and We Are Supermassive on Facebook, and subscribe to the official Facebook web page for Dog for future updates.

The Official Poster For Indie Action Short, DOG, Is Online
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