Friday, November 1, 2013

The New Trailer For OLDBOY Goes Greenband

The new green band trailer for Oldboy came out this week, in addition to two new promotional photos for the film. Based on Mark Protosevich's screenplay, the film sees actor Josh Brolin inheriting the title function from the prior actor, Choi Min-sik in the 2003 film of the very same name, impressively showing Brolin's adaptability to the beloved part Asian cinema fans have come to appreciate.

I like Brolin as an actor as he has however to disappoint, and I can effortlessly see how he would have been just as equally wonderful a choose for Batman as actor Ben Affleck in the upcoming DC Universe starter from director Zack Synder, as previously revealed in the headlines many days ago. Brolin previously starred in the reside-action comic book western, Jonah Hex, which I mainly really feel suffered from an underwritten script, but delivered a noteworthy effort from Brolin as the lead. That said, I am fairly satisfied to see Brolin in pure "vengeance" type once inspired by Park Chan-wook.

The new trailer for the November 27 release from director Spike Lee carries just as a lot of a gritty, intense tone as does the redband trailer released back in July. And with Divergent and Warrior fight choreographer J.J. Perry behind the dramatic action, I'm quite eager to see a theatrical reinvention of the classic hammerfight initially created by the late Ji Jung-Hyeon in Choi's film.

Oldboy also stars Elizabeth Olsen, Sharlto Copley and Samuel L. Jackson, and is presently set to purport a Hollywood adaptation of Park's loose "vengeance" trilogy, continuing with the director Hany Abu-Assad's Sympathy For Mr. Vengeance and William Monegan's joint take on Sympathy For Lady Vengeance with Charlize Theron in the lead. Check out the trailer and photos below, and stick about for much more updates!

OLDBOY is a provocative, visceral thriller that follows the story of an advertising executive (Josh Brolin) who is abruptly kidnapped and held hostage for 20 years in solitary confinement. When he is inexplicably released, he embarks on an obsessive mission to discover who orchestrated his bizarre and torturous punishment only to locate he is nevertheless trapped in a internet of conspiracy and torment. 
Co-starring Elizabeth Olsen and Sharlto Copley, OLDBOY was directed by Spike Lee, from a script by Mark Protosevich (I Am Legend, The Cell, Thor). The film was produced by Roy Lee, Doug Davison and Nathan Kahane.

The New Trailer For OLDBOY Goes Greenband
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