Friday, November 1, 2013

The New Teaser For BRUTAL Spells In Blood

The new teaser is out for the upcoming mixed-martial arts science fiction action thriller, Brutal. The film stars The Forbidden Kingdom co-star, lead actor and martial artist Morgan Benoit, and former New York Giants player Jeff Hatch creating his function-length screen debut. The film was shot in the summer of 2012 among Might and June, and will play for attendees of up to 500 folks at the exclusive screening at Samuel Goldwyn Theater in Beverly Hills, California on November 5, such as the film's cast and crew, prior to it is pending wide release date lock.

Brutal also stars Dave Mattey, Stacey Jorgensen, Renata Green-Gaber, Christina Brooks and Andrew Flaherty, and characteristics fight choreography by Chris Torres and Colin Follenweider. The film is made by co-star Mario Kenyon, and producers Dylan Griffith and Sally Shepard, and is written and directed by Donald Flaherty.

BRUTAL centers on Trevor (Morgan Benoit), abducted from his backyard at the age of fifteen by an unseen alien presence. Forced into nearly two decades of savage fights to the finish against other abductees inside an unearthly mixed martial arts arena, Trevor has evolved from an innocent boy into a brutal fighting machine.  
Derek, (Jeff Hatch) an ambulance-chasing lawer, is the most current lab-rat abductee forced to fight Trevor. As the two men exchange ever-growing beatings more than the course of weeeks and months, the brutality of their existence and the accurate nature of their humanity is gradually revealed.  
With components of THE TWILIGHT ZONE and THE PRISONER, BRUTAL explores through science fiction, allegory and psychological drama, man's violent nature and our propensity to commit unthinkable acts of violence against each other. But by means of this prism of brutality, our capacity to really like a single yet another, even in the worst of situations, is celebrated.
The New Teaser For BRUTAL Spells In Blood
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