Saturday, November 2, 2013

The New Sci-Fi Action Webseries, PULSE, Debuts Episode One!

Actress and series co-creator Desiree Abeyta has unveiled the first episode of visionary independent filmmaker Chris Crutchfield's new webseries, Pulse, also starring Rebecca Honnet, Frank Rautenbach and John T. Woods, and is made by Austin Herring, featuring dazzling fight choreography by Thousand Pounds Action Company's own Vonzell Carter. With a musical teaser accessible online as well, in addition to numerous a lot more episodes left in its 1st season, the series is nevertheless in its beginning stages as the men and women more than at Triple Click Productions are at the moment looking for funding to continue this new action packed series, focused on elements of intrigue, suspense, danger, time travel, and hyper-kinectic action.

Really feel free to subscribe to the new series on YouTube and remain tuned for updates.

Two girls, Max and Reyna, wind up mysteriously held captive in a basement. Neither can don't forget specifically how they got there. Are they just victims of circumstance? Or are they connected in techniques that only “time” will uncover?

The New Sci-Fi Action Webseries, PULSE, Debuts Episode One!
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