Friday, November 8, 2013

The Latest Extended Trailer For ICEMAN 3D Is All About Modern Swordplay

International action hero Donnie Yen has had an impressive run at the film finish of factors, kicking off a LOT of new projects in accordance with the startup of his new production business, Superhero Films. Showing no signs of slowing down (with a tentative exception to Ip Man three), he is collectively promoting, filming and releasing a number of new films prior to and following this coming New Year, which like component a single of director Law Wing Cheong's two-element fantasy actioner, Iceman 3D.

The film, starring Yen, has a new extended trailer out this week, featuring a lot a lot more action than its predecessor from May possibly upon its unveiling at Cannes. The film is being pitched as the biggest contemporary swordsplay adventure in Chinese film, which pretty much stipulates its previously stated budget of properly more than 250 million RMB due in component to Yen's reported presence in the film, in addition to Yen's heavy aspirations to shoot the film in 3D, as nicely as substantial shoots and re-shoots, like the filming of a scene where a bridge had to be constructed since Yen was unable to get the essential place permits.

The film has currently gained constructive reactions from fans while he continues to film and promote future projects, such as the October release of MMA cop thriller, Particular ID.

Iceman 3D is at the moment slated for a Spring 2014 release, and has been picked up by Well Go USA for North American distribution. The film also stars Eva Huang, Simon Yam, Wang Baoqiang, Yu Kang and Huang Shengyi, and is a reboot to the original 1989 kung fu time travel fantasy epic directed by Clarence Fok, and starring Yuen Biao and Yuen Wah.

He Ying (Donnie Yen), a hugely skilled martial-arts warrior in the Ming Dynasty, becomes the only suspect in a murder of a notable official and his family members. 3 of his ideal friends are ordered to bring him into justice. Even though he tries to get away, an avalanche happens and the 4 are all buried in deep snow. They are not dead, but frozen in suspended animation.

4 hundred years later, the frozen He Ying comes to life once more, and finds himself in a modern day, high-tech globe. With the help of a young lady named Mei (Huang Shengyi), he learns to use a cell-phone and personal computer. But the difficulty returns when his old buddies are defrosted too. Now he demands to use his ancient martial-art abilities to fight modern day weaponry.

The Latest Extended Trailer For ICEMAN 3D Is All About Modern Swordplay
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