Wednesday, November 6, 2013

Syndicate Shoutout: Martial Artist, Instructor, Preacher And Motivational Speaker VICTOR MARX

I generally talk about action, fantasy, martial arts films, and all largely of a ficticious nature. These days, nevertheless, as I came across this certain film you are about to study of, I saw the film this morning and I was inspired to share his story. His name is Victor Marx, and he is today's entry for Syndicate Shoutout.

Victor is an award winning martial artist, instructor, inspirational speaker, and President and Founder of All Factors Possible Ministries. It is by means of his platform as a former Marine and an accomplished martial artist that he shares his faith-primarily based message to youngsters and teenagers about the nation. His story is compelling, positive and can be enlightening. Nevertheless, it is not 1 that's easy to swallow.

In his new self-titled documentary, The Victor Marx Story, Victor shares his outstanding, emotionally captivating story of triumph more than turmoil, his tumultuous journey toward healing from a life of abuse, pain, suffering, and fear, and an evil that threatened to define him later as an adult. The documentary shares in-depth first hand insight from his wife, Eileen, of 25 years and with whom he shares five kids and a dog in addition to life in martial arts, along with his biological father, Karl, with whom he reconnected several years later. You will also hear stories from his sister, Debbie, in addition to his therapist, Dr. Arlys McDonald, with whom he sought to diagnose and heal himself from the discomfort that practically robbed him of his childhood, and his life. In addition, you will hear from a number of former juvenille offenders, and indeed, from Victor himself, his own words, his tears, his smiles and laughs, and moments of reflection that illustrate what it meant to be in his shoes from childhood, to his days as a U.S. Marine, to becoming a father himself, and the really day he ultimately gave himself to the church. The film includes some modest emotional triggers and mildly graphic re-enactments of these horrible moments, and also shares dramatic situations featuring Victor ultimately confronting the stepfather who abused him and his siblings, and the strength it took to forgive him.

I ought to also add that the film starts off with a actually cool action sequence showcasing Victor and Eileen taking out two armed thugs in an elevator. Seriously, the man can disarm you just by considering about it. He's that good, and a scene like that definitely belonged on film.

I'm not a church going individual for a lot of causes. But I have no doubt in my personal mind that the struggles that folks like Victor faced are very significantly actual and certainly some that need to be drawn out by a light. And for that, I have all the respect in the universe for this man, and the positive message he and his family members adheres to.

The film is currently obtainable for viewing on his YouTube channel by CLICKING Right here, which also contains small instructional clips on self-defense, hand-to-hand education and a entire lot far more. The documentary clocks in about an hour and five minutes, so if you have time at any given point, I highly recommend that you watch this film, accompanied by some Kleenex if feasible.

For far more details on Victor and his movement, visit his official webites at and

Syndicate Shoutout: Martial Artist, Instructor, Preacher And Motivational Speaker VICTOR MARX
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