Wednesday, November 6, 2013

Syndicate Shoutout: KYLE WAYNE CORDOVA

If you are on the web often, you can find some fairly great gems on the world wide web, featuring talented martial artists, tracers and trickers alike, demonstrating by way of competiton or random leisurely showcasing their abilities on YouTube. 1 such video comes courtesy of twenty-two year old actor Kyle Wayne Cordova from Sacramento, California.

Kyle has been into the martial arts since the age of four, studying Bok Fu and Traditional Karate for six years every single, and competing nationally in between 2004 and 2007. It was in 2003, even so, when he got first hand inspiration watching other athletes tricking on the floor, and he has been undertaking it to this quite day, now working long-term in Los Angeles. When Kyle is not acting and performing dynamic martial arts moves for the camera and for crowds, he also remains multifaceted in other departments such as music, dancing and photography.

Kyle's journey has had its own share of ups and downs. But he asserts the very good prospects of preserving a positive attitude and staying motivated as he continues to develop his career. "Inside the very first couple months of obtaining out here, I booked Footloose, which was massive for me. My journey has been a true quest. Excellent instances, great occasions, negative times and worse instances. But, I often keep my mentality appropriate and in no way let myself slip. Constantly looking for the optimistic, and never letting negativity bother me."

For anybody seeking to get into the entertainment industry, Kyle shared some of his wisdom with me on the matter, adding "Do not take anything too severe. If you don't book a job after a couple auditions, never sweat it. Preserve on going and it will come. Tough operate always pays off."

Kyle has a new video out nowadays of a modest session he did out in Venice Beach lately. The video comes courtesy of filmmaker Dustin Shepard, whose YouTube channel you might subscribe to below.

You can also follow Kyle's work on his YouTube channel, as nicely as on Twitter, Instagram and Soundcloud.

Syndicate Shoutout: KYLE WAYNE CORDOVA
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