Wednesday, November 6, 2013

Survival Is The Only Answer In The New Trailer For PHASE TWO

Just a small more than a week away from the Blu-Ray/DVD release of independent action star, stuntman and action director Shaun Paul Piccinino's most recent award-winning action spectacle, The Lackey, the actor will seem amongst the cast of the most current function-length zombie thriller from Hectic Films and Cinescope Media, Phase Two. Based on a screenplay by co-producer Bryce Hatch, Phase Two also stars Jess Sylvia, Matt Thompson, Matt Albrecht, D.T. Carney, John Ross Clark, Lauren Parkinson, Robin Steffen, Tattie Grace, Paul Wolverton, Luke Bishop and Max Taylor.
The film is directed by Jason Sanders who edited, co-produced and co-wrote the script along with assistant director Rickey Bird Jr, and associate producers Thompson and Piccinino. Phase Two will be making its debut at the SoCal Film Festival on September 27, 2013. For more information, pay a visit to the film's official internet site, and subscribe to Piccinino's official Facebook Fan Page for further updates.

Set in a post-apocalyptic future as survivors of a deadly virus try to adapt in a barren wasteland, Reynolds (John Ross Clark), a higher strung professor and Sonya (Jessica Erin Sylvia) his tough-minded assistant, fight to locate a remedy and are forced to take in naive teen Angela (Tattie Grace), who recently lost her father. 
Jim (Matt Thompson), a hard guy commando and Eric (Robin Steffen), a scrawny movie-quoting warrior, are two drifters who are just attempting to survive, but rather have to battle outlanders, gangs and some of the infected although trying to salvage anything along the way. 
Frank (Shaun Piccinino), an sincere GI and Derek (Luke Bishop), a ruthless soldier, should learn to get along prior to one particular of them snaps. Tensions grow as the two are sent on a mission that will test their morals. 
The paths of these survivors become intertwined whilst they all are searching for the very same thing... Onyx, a U.S. military protected zone that has food, water and a remedy. When the globe is a desert, almost everything seems to be a mirage, even Onyx. 
In the starting the infected have been the actual threat... now we have to worry about the survivors.

Survival Is The Only Answer In The New Trailer For PHASE TWO
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