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Stallone Lands In Bulgaria; Scenes To Be Filmed With Milla Jovovich For THE EXPENDABLES 3

Updates on official casting for The Expendables three have been a actual headline generator, with actor and Sylvester Stallone heading off casting announcements by way of his twitter. Some of the most current news about the film integrated the surprise announcement that actor Harrison Ford was now a element of the official cast, whilst Bruce Willis had been dropped altogether following his failed request for a $ four million dollar payday for a four-day shoot.

Other announcements have already confirmed that Stallone's Assassins co-star Antonio Banderas will be appearing in the cast, in addition to Machete Kills co-star Mel Gibson who will play the villain. All three names additional assemble most of the cast that will be in the film, in addition to what was included in a public message from executive producer Boaz Davidson:

7 Days To Kick Off THE EXPENDABLES 3


The earth will rumble!!!
Earlier reports indicated that actor Mickey Rourke would be back in the film franchise, in addition to international action star Jackie Chan. Actors Nicholas Cage and Steven Seagal have been also rumored to be in the film, but nothing has been made particular as of but, with the lesser likelihood that Cage will be in (though primarily based on what I maintain hearing, I wouldn't rest on this just however.)

Lengthy prior to developments on The Expendables 3 although started gradually materializing, a female version of The Expendables, being developed by Dredd producer Adi Shankar was also in talks with the reported casting of 1 of Hollywood's newest athletic action actresses, Gina Carano, along with Katie Sackhoff. Other actresses were also pointed out for a part in that certain film was Resident Evil major lady Milla Jovovich. Specifics are nevertheless creating for that distinct project, however, a new report from a Bulgarian news site forwarded by Expendables Premiere released at least one particular other casting detail, in addition to much more production details on what will take place in Bulgaria beginning August 19:
In late August of the port of Varna will be a film set for Hollywood action film production "Expendables three." So in the city is actively seeking 40 weak swarthy males to reincarnate in Somali policemen. 
With the tough task he has undertaken showman Elsa income you contribute to a casting agency for recruitment of extras. 
He has toured universities and dormitories in the city and is eyeing many Nigerian students. 
The set close to the sea will seem Sylvester Stallone, Arnold Schwarzenegger, Jason Statham, Milla Jovovich. Star Invasion is anticipated soon after 19 August when he announced to begin function in Varna. 
"The shooting up of the harbor will take two days. They will be in accordance with the work schedule and load port and will not hinder the rhythm of the facilities, "added the head of Port Varna Bozidar Chaparovi. 
Hollywood stars will arrive by plane, and Port will not have any barovskiya yacht-associated films. 
The action scenes will be filmed in the territory of Varna Shipyard. There will be unprecedented race with speed boats, jet skis, jumping from a helicopter, and a lot more...

The Expendables 3 is getting directed by Patrick Hughes and is setting up for a summer 2014 release. Keep tuned for a lot more info as it comes!

Photographs: Damn Good Cup, Sequel-Buzz
Stallone Lands In Bulgaria; Scenes To Be Filmed With Milla Jovovich For THE EXPENDABLES 3
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