Saturday, November 2, 2013

Shoko Nakagawa Battles The Zombie Apocalypse In The New Trailer For NUIGULUMAR Z: GOTHIC LOLITA BATTLE BEAR

I never have a lot of experience watching tokusatsu, though I am familiar with particular titles. So I believe I am pretty clear when I use examples like sexy anime heroine Cutie Honey and the 2012 raunchy talking bear comedy, Ted, to describe what I just saw in the new trailer for Nuigulumar Z: Gothic Lolita Battle Bear, only no bears here committing debauchery, so I get that.

Cult filmmaker Noboru Iguchi is back in the director's chair is back in the director's seat, and I can honestly say that following watching the locked and loaded bloody revenge film, The Machine Girl, I was purely entertained, and I hope to get to see this a single upon its release on January 25, 2014. The film itself is based on a novel titled “Hōsei Ningen Nuigurumā” written by Kenji Ohtsuki, author and lead singer of Tokusatsu rock band, Kinniku Shoujo Tai.

Accordingly, the novel was also inspired by one of the band's songs titled, “Tatakae! Nuigulumar”.
Actress, Japanese idol and otaku character Shoko Nakagawa plays the function of Yumeko Ayukawa, a.k.a. Dameko, a lolita style-clad girl named with the capacity to merge with her talking pink teddy bear, Buusuke, to transform into sexy, kickass superheroine, “Nuigulumar” in order to take on an army of zombies controlled by an evil villain named Takeshi. Joining Nakagawa is the High Kick Girl herself, Rina Takeda, who will take on the function of Kill Billy, Takeshi's psychic-powered underling. Takeda will also be doubling as Nakagawa's suit actress for the function Nuigulumar.

Not much else is identified about the rest of the cast and crew, but I was eager to share this anyway right after seeing this trailer on Cinematoday's Youtube portal via Jefusion.

The trailer appears incredible, and as often, I have an affinity for Japanese action cinema in all its types. And I will continue to stick to this as significantly as feasible, so stay tuned for casting updates when they come.

Shoko Nakagawa Battles The Zombie Apocalypse In The New Trailer For NUIGULUMAR Z: GOTHIC LOLITA BATTLE BEAR
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