Thursday, November 7, 2013

Shannon Lee Keeps Bruce Lee Fans On Weekend Alert

Actress, producer, singer, daughter to her late father and brother, Bruce Lee and Brandon Lee, and that of living mother Linda Lee Cadwell, and acting president of the Bruce Lee FoundationShannon Lee, took to Facebook to share Brazil's newest Rolling Stone Magazine's cover for the month of July, in light of the 40th anniversary given that her legendary father's passing. Her caption read the following:

One particular of our neighborhood members sent this to me - Rolling Stone Brazil, July 2013 Issue commemorating 40 years because my father's passing.

We have some posts planned for you for the 40th Anniversary. Keep Tuned.

The upcoming anniversary marked the begin of a year in which plans have been kicked off to market the iconic martial artist, actor, cinematic action hero and legend in various venues amongst right here and in Hong Kong. Back in February, Groundswell Productions announced the start of a new film production for Birth Of The Dragon, which highlights the mysterious fight amongst Lee and rival Wong Tak Man. The film will be the latest try to engage a pseudo-biographic, yet filmic interpretation of an era of Bruce Lee's life given that the 1993 Hollywood film, Dragon: The Bruce Lee Story, the 2008 Television series The Legend Of Bruce Lee, and the 2010 action drama, Young Bruce Lee (a.k.a. Bruce Lee, My Brother) directed by Raymond Yip and Manfred Wong. Also, Just after handing over the Quickly And Furious director's chair to Quickly 7 helmer James Wan, filmmaker Justin Lin is also stepping into the fray with a new Tv show of his own dedicated to Bruce Lee, under his new banner, Ideal Storm Entertainment.

Earlier in April, a star-studded gathering was held at The Academy Of Motion Image Arts And Sciences for a 35mm print screening of the 1973 action hit that forever immortalized Bruce Lee as an action hero on a worldwide scale, Enter The Dragon, directed by Robert Clouse. Lee starred alongside actor John Saxon, and the late martial arts action hero, Jim Kelly, who sadly died of cancer on June 29, 2013. The film also starred Betty Chung, Bob Wall, Angela Mao and Bolo Yeung, along with the late Ahna Capri, the late iconic legend Shih Kien. Two months later on July 11, an intricate new blu-ray box set of the film was released.

On the date of the anniversary, Saturday July 20, 2013, Shannon Lee will be unveiling a new exhibition in the Hong Kong Heritage Museum. The exhibition will run from Saturday by means of 2018, highlighting 600 artifacts from Bruce Lee's life, in addition to one hundred products relevant to Lee's function in the 1966/67 tv series installment of The Green Hornet, in which Lee dons all black as the titular hero's kung fu crimefighting partner, Kato, as properly as other surprising performs of art by 3D artist Shannon Ma, and sculptor Chu Tat-Shing.

In other news, the new exhibition also arrives in time for the airing of a new, mildly controversial Mandarin language shortfilm for Johnnie Walker Blue Label's Hold Walking campaign titled Hail To The Game Changers, a shortfilm directed by Joseph Kahn that uses an impressive rendition of Bruce's CGI likeness. The South China Morning Post reports that in spite of criticisms, Shannon herself, who consulted the production, has defended the creation, deeming a tribute" to her father, saying "To me this was a way to pay tribute to my father and in specific his philosophy, and to do it in an fascinating way with the use of technology,”.

You can verify the brief film out below, subtitled in English.

The weekend is searching mighty excellent for these attending the museum's opening. If you happen to be currently there, feel cost-free to post your photos on the Film Combat Syndicate Facebook page, and share your knowledge with the planet. And don't forget to subscribe to Shannon Lee's official Facebook page in the hyperlink at the prime of this write-up.

R.I.P. Bruce Lee
November 27, 1940-July 20, 1973
Shannon Lee Keeps Bruce Lee Fans On Weekend Alert
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