Sunday, November 10, 2013

Scott Adkins And Jacky Wu Jing Set For War In WARG (a.k.a. WOLF)

Last week on Wednesday, actor Scott Adkins drew a lot of attention on twitter, possessing ecstatically announced the completion of filming for director Renny Harlin's Hercules 3D before returning to Hong Kong soon after thirteen years to work with actor, martial arts performer and filmmaker Jacky Wu Jing. Adkins did not name the project right away, despite the fact that it was later confirmed on his official fan site, Scott Adkins Fanz, that the name of the upcoming film would be Warg, a word that shares its origins with Norse mythology which indicates "Wolf" in English.

It took a small bit of googling and google translating, but primarily based on my own findings, Wu Jing is said to return to the helm as director, generating Warg, his second feature-length film since the 2008 action thriller, Legendary Assassin in which he starred and co-directed with action choreographer Li Chung-Chi. After practically five years of development, production is in complete swing. The film is described as a Commando-sort of war film with heavy emphasis on gun battles and rifle handling. Beijing actress Yu Nan, greatest identified for her current performance in director Simon West's 2012 blockbuster hit, The Expendables 2, is also joining the cast.

Not a lot of extra details about accessible, accept a few set images from Asian news websites such as Sohu and HiNews. Granted even though, the prospects of Adkins functioning with someone as talented as Wu Jing is, are something definitively worth seeking forward to. Hopefully we will learn much more about this upcoming project as the film progresses.

Hercules 3D is slated for release in March of next year, with Adkins also appearing in the football hooligan mixed martial arts thriller, Green Street Hooligans: Underground and director Isaac Florentine's next film, Ninja 2 this Fall before then.

Stay tuned for further updates.

Scott Adkins And Jacky Wu Jing Set For War In WARG (a.k.a. WOLF)
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