Saturday, November 2, 2013

Scorpion Claims His Vengeance In A New Clip For MORTAL KOMBAT LEGACY SEASON 2

During a recent 24-hour live stream hosted by Machinina to celebrate Machinima Prime's very first birthday, host Khail Anonymous sat down for some game time and a small talk with Kevin Tancharoen, the either loved or hated, but Really talented writer and director of the extremely acclaimed brief film, Mortal Kombat: Rebirth, both seasons of the hit webseries, Mortal Kombat Legacy, and the at present establishing Mortal Kombat function film with "Rebirth" and "Males In Black 4" scribe Oren Uziel. It was yesterday that fans finally got previous a day to view a new clip from the webseries shared by Tancharoen close to the really finish of the 24-hour anxiety driven waiting period, which adds to the excitement currently heightened by many bits of promotional footage now obtainable on the internet, like an official trailer, a television trailer, Cannes footage, and speak of a September release from some of the cast members at a recent cast and crew screening.

As opposed to its predecessor, Mortal Kombat: Legacy - Season two, based on the hit fighting game which spawned films, comic book, a television series and a variety of other automobiles because its conception more than twenty years ago, will concentrate its story solely on the tournament featuring new and returning characters, which includes Casper Van Dien as film star Johnny Cage, David McInnis as Raiden the god of thunder, Samantha Jo as outworld princess and heroine Kitana, Michelle Lee as her half-breed Tarkatan sister Mileena, Eric Jacobus as lawman Kurtis Stryker, Mark Dacascos as the warrior monk Kung Lao, Brian Tee as conflicted anti-hero Liu Kang, Kim Do as ninja sorceror Ermac, Dan Southworth as blind swordsman Kenshi, Eric D. Steinberg and Ian Anthony Dale as bitter rival ninjas Sub-Zero and Scorpion, and Cary Tagawa in a returning reprisal of his 1995 film character as the evil sorceror, Shang Tsung. 

Verify out the clip below, featuring the amazingly choreographed round between Scorpion and Sub-Zero and remain tuned for updates as they come!

Scorpion Claims His Vengeance In A New Clip For MORTAL KOMBAT LEGACY SEASON 2
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