Tuesday, November 5, 2013

R.L. Scott Tapped To Bring Yen-Style Action In THE SMUGGLER

Action filmmaker R.L. Scott (pictured left) has been keeping busy with post production on the upcoming 2014 release of the independent crime thriller, Call Me King, in addition to creating the 1st-ever feature length ensemble African American superhero film, The Almighty Street Group. Today, the latest announcement from the founder of Shadow Motion Images are certain signs that he and wife/co-founder, actress Monyque Thompson Scott do not program on resting for the remainder of 2013.

Film Combat Syndicate has exclusive breaking news that R.L. Scott has been hired for the upcoming October filming planned for a brand new action thriller titled, The Smuggler, from DorMar Images, in which R.L. will generate, create and direct, as effectively as choreograph the action. The film will feature Contact Me King co-stars, actor Maurice Whitfield (pictured below) and actress Monyque Thompson Scott, along with Kevin Lukata whose preceding collective credits with Mrs. Scott contain Champion Road (2008), Champion Road: Arena (2010), and webseries installations for Touye Pwen: Kill Point (2011), and Fixer (2012), all of which are SMP productions. Actor George Vincent and actress Ryann Graye at present round out the cast, with Graye serving as producer, and Whitfield serving as executive producer.

With the action set to be stylized in the vein of films such as Donnie Yen actioners like Sha Po Lang (a.k.a. Kill Zone), and the upcoming film, Specific ID, The Smuggler will star Whitfield as Mason Luke, a character described as "a planet class smuggler who gets caught in the middle of a war among two powerful corporations although attempting to smuggle a young woman into the nation." The film is also set to feature excellent automobile scenes, numerous of which will contain a 2013 Dodge Challenger affectionately named, "Justine".

Filming is set to begin this October.

For more information on this and other projects, stick to Maurice Whitfield on Twitter, and subscribe to R.L.Scott on Facebook and Twitter as effectively!

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R.L. Scott Tapped To Bring Yen-Style Action In THE SMUGGLER
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