Sunday, November 3, 2013

'Power Rangers' Actor Jason David Frank Endorses His Own Standalone Green Ranger Film

Actor, mixed martial artist and veteran Energy Rangers cast member Jason David Frank produced headlines this week regarding his interest in a donning the Green Ranger outfit for darker, standalone PG13 function-length film.

In a statement created to Complex quoted at IGN, Frank enthused his personal aspirations for a self-titled spin-off of the extremely effective 20 year tv franchise. "I am talking to Saban about making a PG-13 Green Ranger film," he tells Complex. "It's just a matter of Saban stepping behind it. I was an X-Guys fan developing up I loved Wolverine. I feel like the Green Ranger can step outdoors the box and be like the Wolverine of Energy Rangers. That is why I believe he can deal with his own movie."

Frank's sentiments are nothing new as this week's news comes a year after he expressed his thoughts on a hopeful development of a Power Rangers feature film in the essence of Christopher Nolan's most recent vision realized for his Batman trilogy, telling a Power Rangers Zeo panel attendee at the 2012 Lexington Toy & Comic Convention, "I believe Haim Saban is extremely silly not to take these Rangers that we were and make a Dark Knight series out of it for you guys."

The vision Frank discusses here is currently the a single in play, somewhat similiar to the non-profit fanfilm becoming crafted by NYC independent filmmaker Dominick Sivili and producer/co-writer Louis Maldarelli for the upcoming release of MMPR. Ironically though, as interpreted by writer Matt Leslie more than at Morphin Legacy, Frank has considering that rescinded from partaking on the project, citing his personal inventive variations on the character's approach for the fanfilm, although it is reported that Sivili nonetheless intends to hopefully cast him.

Popularized by way of the Japanese tokusatsu action genre, the hugely acclaimed tv series is celebrating its 20th anniversary this week. And Frank has been with the franchise ever since, being a single of the most vocally active and fan-devoted veteran cast members since he very first debuted as the character, Tommy Oliver, a.k.a. The Green Ranger, in Mighty Morphin Power Rangers in 1993. In subsequent seasons thereafter, Frank became a strong foundation throughout the show, reappearing in 1994 as the White Ranger, and in future seasons in Power Rangers Zeo (1996), Power Rangers Turbo (1997) and Power Rangers DinoThunder (2004). He also starred in each Hollywood theatrical adaptations in Energy Rangers: The Film (1995) and Turbo: A Power Rangers Film (1997).

Frank is set to seem among an ensemble cast in next year's debut of Energy Rangers: Super Megaforce, returning as the Green Ranger. Frank will also make an appearance at this year's Rhode Island ComicCon between November 2nd and 3rd with other former cast members, along with MMPR director Sivili who will be debuting a teaser for his upcoming fan film.

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'Power Rangers' Actor Jason David Frank Endorses His Own Standalone Green Ranger Film
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