Friday, November 1, 2013

Peipei Alena Yuan Fights The System In The Upcoming Fan Film Short, EDGE OF FAITH

Poster Credit: Jonathan Tran

Lifelong athlete, aspiring actor, stunt coordinator and independent filmmaker Andrew J. Neis is currently going viral for a new shortfilm coming this November titled Edge Of Faith. Inspired by the 2008 first person action adventure video game, Mirror's Edge, Neis's shortfilm is primarily based on an old screenplay he wrote titled "Lover's Leap: A Parkour Enjoy Story". But alternatively, Neis wanted to crank it up a notch and chose to make a dual-objective shortfilm that would further manifest his love for gaming, indie action and film culture, as effectively as showcase the eclectic talents, ANP Stunts, a multi-faceted drama, movement and screenfighting film group he founded with his brother, Peter Neis.

Filmed in choose locations of downtown Los Angeles as his backdrop, Neis and his group sought to replicate the identical atmosphere and style in order to create a fan film that pays homage to Mirror's Edge. Far more importantly, driven by the admirable efforts of previous filmmakers and parkour athletes whose works can also be viewed online, Neis also felt he had the inventive chops to take the source material and provide anything considerably more fulfilling, telling Film Combat Syndicate "...We set out to make a correct to the game Mirror's Edge fan film. And as we are all specialist stunt individuals, we did all the stunts ourselves and were able to safely re-produce several of the scenarios in the game.". Neis also says, "We tried to take the most of what you do in the game - balance on beams, climb pipes, scale walls, vault fences, and slide under vents. We also featured fighting against the CPF's and matched the identical disarm moves utilized in the game. And we went for that over-exposed appear seen in the game and did every little thing attainable to match the style of the game."

Edge Of Faith is anticipated to release just before the finish of the month, and stars actress, dance choreographer, martial artist and stuntwoman PeiPei Alena Yuan (Battle B-Boy, Step Up 3D, Star Trek, Britney Spears "Femme Fatale" Tour, Glee). You can also catch far more of Yuan in action on her Youtube channel and official site. The upcoming shortfilm also stars fellow ANP members, actor and producer Vinicios Silva and co-stunt coordinator Jonathan Tran, along with Mami Speede, Amir Solsky, Laura M. Beamer and Lee Squire. The official teaser has currently gone viral and can be noticed in the embed below.

For much more information, pay a visit to the official site for ANP Stunts.

In a totalitarian society, Faith is a courier for outlawed gear and info like smartphones. When a thief steals a single of her packages, each embark on a thrilling parkour chase exactly where they will try to outsmart and out-perform the other.
Peipei Alena Yuan Fights The System In The Upcoming Fan Film Short, EDGE OF FAITH
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