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Ninja 2 Producer Frank DeMartini Confirms UNDISPUTED 4 At Fantastic Fest

According to an update from Amazing Fest by way of Twitch, film producer Frank DeMartini responded to a fan query on Friday evening regarding the at present creating fourth installment of the Undisputed franchise, by saying the following (click the hyperlink for the complete context):
"The Undisputed four script is being written correct now by David White and it should shoot in the spring. Unless Scott desires too much income."
The answer came from a Q&A panel that acconpanied the festival premiere of director Isaac Florentine's latest action thriller, Ninja: Shadow Of A Tear, starring Scott Adkins and actress Mika Hiji, all of whom appeared for the Friday evening panel, in front of an attending crowd. Also sitting in attendance among the audience members was actor and Undisputed 3: Redemption co-star Marko Zaror, to whom Adkins and Florentine expressed their hopes to operate with him again in the close to future. Zaror currently stars in the latest Fantastic Fest premiere of Robert Rodriguez's new film, Machete Kills, which will have its wide release on October 11.

Seven months right after filming wrapped going into the completion of post-production, a trailer was ultimately released to the public with an unspecified release date which is nonetheless pending. The film sess Adkins reprising his role from the film the very first film, now out to avenge the death of his beloved wife and unborn child, against extraordinary odds and darker forces that lie in waiting.

It is been a couple of years because Adkins emerged on the web with the good news right after returning in Undisputed 3 as the iconic fictional Russian kickboxer, Yuri Boyka. The character has turn into a phenomenon amongst fans of the Undisputed franchise who woke up to the films because Florentine's direct-to-DVD sequel in 2005, which eventually illuminated one particular of the greatest actor/director partnerships in action film history.

In keeping the excitement given that Adkins sat for an inteview with Crave Online although promoting director John Hyams' Fantastic Fest premiere of Universal Soldier: Day Of Reckoning, sharing his own concepts of a post-prison "Rambo-style" storyline for the film. “For me, I would want to get in touch with it Boyka: Undisputed IV due to the fact now it is out of the jail setting,” says the actor.“Boyka’s out of prison. It’s onto the next step of his life. I consider folks know the character Boyka so properly now anyway that you could just go Boyka: Undisputed IV.” Ironically, Adkins also mentions in the exact same interview that a script was already written, so the statementd from DeMartini on Friday evening most likely recommend that there may have been various drafts becoming circulated in the pre-production method, which is very reasonable right after all this time. Soon after all, I myself had my own suggestions.

So, all in all, have no allusions doubting the film's coming existence. Even as Adkins has other films to perform on, with other individuals we can only dream of seeing him in (*cough* Ninja three *cough* Special ID two *cough* Mortal Kombat *cough* Undisputed five, 6, 7, 8, 9, 10+ *whooping cough*), Boyka fans can sit safely by their DVD collections and nearby computer systems cheering on their favourite beloved 720º kicking butt whooper as component 4 comes. In the meantime, Adkins' subsequent function will be that of King  Amphitryon in the Renny Harlin-directed March 2014 release of Hercules: The Legend Begins, with the very first footage to be screened at next month's New York Comic-Con.

A lot more news ahead.
Ninja 2 Producer Frank DeMartini Confirms UNDISPUTED 4 At Fantastic Fest
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