Sunday, November 3, 2013

Ninja 2 Cinematographer Ross Clarkson Re-Launches Campaign For HAMMER-ON

ACS and HKSC certified cinematographer Ross Clarkson has some potent backing for his credentials as an astute skilled at shooting action. His latest function-length function under director Isaac Florentine, Ninja: Shadow Of A Tear is earning some top notch critiques right after its premiere on Friday evening at Great Fest, in front of a choose audience representing but a mere portion of a significantly bigger fanbase awaiting the film's release.

That said, back in April, Clarkson launched a brand new, ambitious work to get his personal feature-length action thriller off the ground titled Hammer-On, joined by actor Byron Gibson, and several pick stunt specialists familiar with the production of Ninja 2, like up-and-coming actor and skilled stunt coordinator, Brahim Achabbakhe.

Since then, Clarkson had to place these plans on the backburner to work in Bulgaria for director Renny Harlin's most current 3D epic action adventure, Hercules: The Legend Begins. And more than time, fundraising dwindled and sooner or later shelved till additional notice...till now, with a new perform trailer to support showcase his own vision for the film, which sees Gibson front and center with Achabbakhe, martial arts action veteran and Marksmen co-star Ron Smoorenburg, and actor and screenfighter Charlie Ruedpokanon.

CLICK Right here to take a appear at the Indiegogo campaign web page and then choose for oneself if you want to see Ninja two's own acclaimed action cinematographer Hammer-On with an additional potential martial arts action master piece!
Ninja 2 Cinematographer Ross Clarkson Re-Launches Campaign For HAMMER-ON
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