Tuesday, November 5, 2013

New Trailer For Dredd-Inspired Series, CURSED EDGE

The final push is underway as independent filmmaker Oliver Hollingdale continues post-production operate on Cursed Edge. The project began in late 2012, inspired by the contact for fans to assist continue epic story of the future lawmaker after profitable property release sales numbers and cult fanfare considering that the theatrical release of the Pete Travis-directed 3D thriller, Dredd, final September, regardless of its failure to deliver at the box workplace.

Other Dredd-inspired projects and efforts by independent filmmakers have made their way on the internet, such as the lately broadcasted short film, Judge Minty. And with the continued support for the character, the story and the universe as a complete, actor Karl Urban, who played the title character in the original 2012 film has gone public in the previous several months stating a shared sequel interest with Travis and Dredd scribe Alex Garland. Urban is specifically engaging and pushing for help from the film's most demographic, the fans who are eagerly waiting optimistic news for a sequel, some of who are at present leading the unofficial petition for the Make A Dredd Sequel, which has currently been backed by tens of thousands of individuals, such as the franchise's original comic book publisher, Rebellion.

In the meantime, Hollingdale is ready share his reimagining of the Dredd universe with his personal project, which has because evolved from a short film to a webseries. And a teaser for the episode is now obtainable.

Cursed Edge stars Damien Gerard, Darren Carver, Steve Eames, Kiarnie Camp, Paul LaBelle and Jade Ramraut.

Sign the Dredd sequel petition by CLICKING Right here and filling out the short kind, and share your voice to let Lionsgate know that you want a sequel to the movie.

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New Trailer For Dredd-Inspired Series, CURSED EDGE
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