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Back in early August, Film Combat Syndicate featured the new trailer for director Kishimoto Tsukasa's most current film, Ryukyu Battle Royale. This week, some new screening date specifics appeared online thanks in element to the viral spreading of the film's official poster.

I also did some much more googling and google translating in the method, and discovered just a small bit more on the plot, which is mentioned to involve actor Seung Wei portraying a character who travels all the way to Okinawa and leans how to dance from a master of Ryukyu. The dance also encompasses a formidable style of Karate that prepares him to face tough opppnents, such as professional K-1fighter Shingo Koyasu and actor/martial artist and Kuro-Obi co-star Akito Yagi in a certain Battle that requires location at the film's dojo, the Ryukyu karate college.

Some Japanese web sites containing new stills from the film are currently reporting that the film is earning praise amongst several large names in Asian cinema, such as filmmaker Stephen Chow who stated the film has great possible, and even briefly exclaimed his own hopes to play an critical figure, due to its "fantastic potential...". I am not saying I know exactly what that indicates, but this could imply Chow wants to be the one particular to introduce the film ought to it ever make it to other markets, including North America. Or, it could imply his own interest in remaking it, which is a possibility taking into consideration the era we now live in where fairly much each film ever made is now becoming remade.

Who knows?

Ryukyu Battle Royale will have its 1st screening in Sakurazaka on October 26, 2013 in Naha, Okinawa, followed by its November 2 at the Tokyo's Roppongi National Art Center.
I suppose I will have a lot more precise details as it comes, so as constantly, stay tuned.
And by all indicates, feel free of charge to visit the official site. :-)

Ryukyu Battle Royale stars Seung Wei, Koike Yui, Yagi Akito, Higa Shimabukuro, Kyohei Hiroyuki, Murayama Yasushi, Uchida Shusaku, Chinen Shin, Satoru Uchikoshi, Yohji Akira, Shingo Koyasu and Aragaki Masahiro.

SYNOPSIS (through Google Translate):
Created primarily based on historical fact and legend, which is said to Ryukyu karate, karate dance × hybrid action entertainment of Okinawa's first & departure, "Ryukyu battle royale". Genius dance performer born in the United States, starring Seung Wei, (Joey). Familiar with karate, also acrobatics and show off the body's capacity phenomenal in this film. It is an actor to be expected in the future. The co-star, master Yagi Akihito of Ryukyu Karate, former K-1 fighter, Shingo Koyasu et al, martial artists and karate real property gathered. To show off the really ideal with the "fist" of the very best element the "kick". In addition, Koike Yui increasingly well-liked is played the heroine in Gokai Pink part of "pirate squadron Gokaiger", you are the mercy of the sturdy man who is desirable modest demonic. Director, Kishimoto Tsukasa worked on the hit Tv series of Okinawa departure "Ryujin Mabuya" and "Hull Sir Acre". Draw the charm of dance and Ryukyu Karate whilst interspersed with comical, action entertainment of Okinawa departure was not so far completed!!

9out of 10 based on 10 ratings. 9 user reviews.

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