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Mickey Facchinello Harnesses Her Inner-Yen In SPECIAL ID - EPISODE 1: THE MUTE

It really is been a profitable year for independent action extraordinare, director and choreographer Vlad Rimburg. If you have been following Rimburg lengthy enough, then you are likely familiar with the copious amounts of operate he has distributed in garnering the credibility he now has as a single of the foremost independent action designers of our time. Effectively on Friday, absolutely nothing changed, with newly releasing his Donnie Yen-inspired action brief film, Particular ID - Episode 1: The Mute, based on one particular of the most not too long ago unveiled teaser clips prior to the release of Donnie Yen's most recent action thriller from director Clarence Fok.

Filmed as the hopeful start of a new webseries, the new brief was shot final weekend on Sunday afternoon at 3pm PST by means of 4am the following morning, with actress, action performer and Hollywood stuntwoman Mickey Facchinello (above/proper) fitting Yen's shoes as a mute demon huntress in a brutal, contained battle with The Hammer, played by Jimmy Chhiu (above/left) and his little group of demonic henchmen. Facchinello's earlier credits with Rimburg contain Chapter 1: Part C, Males In Suits and Chapter two: Parts A and B which also featured actor Gui DaSilva, and CZ12 co-star, actress Caitlin Dechelle. Rimburg and Facchinello were supposed to work together once more in January earlier this year, but Facchinello had other plans overseas. Facchinello lately created her appearance as a single of the masked killers in the futuristic horror thriller from director James DeMonaco, The Purge.

I asked Rimburg what he enjoys most about working with Facchinello, who shares her martial arts lineage with the likes of actors and martial arts performers Mike Chat and Matt Mullins more than at Group Sideswipe, and is also a member of LBP Stunts Chicago and Thousand Pounds Action Business. "I believe that Mickey is arguably the very best female screen fighter around." he says. "Her approach is clean and she adapts quite nicely to something I throw at her. She wrecks and she's not afraid to go difficult with the boys. I would adore to see her in a Hong Kong finale."

Rimburg continues his long path toward his dream of becoming a mainstream action director for bigger films to this day. Martial arts action cinema lovers will also be content to know that Rimburg will be co-starring in Dennis Ruel's directorial feature-length debut, Unlucky Stars, in which he also directed the action sequences, attributing especially to a contemporary adherance to the classic Golden Harvest/Media Asia label Hong Kong action comedies of the 1980's that most of us know and hold near and dear. And for all factors regarded, directing revolutionary, classic sequences is anything Rimburg is not hesitant to express himself over.

"I love possessing the freedom to create." he tells Film Combat Syndicate. "To be capable to believe of something and place it in a visual format, to me, is a single of the greatest feelings there is. There are no limitations when pondering. Even if I know I'm choreographing one thing that I can't film for a year or two, I enjoy getting capable to fill my thoughts of lovely and violent pictures. Most importantly though, I want to hold the art of martial arts filmmaking alive. It really is great to see the independent community continue to make fights done proper, in a time exactly where quick editing and funky camera angles dominate talent and method."

Personally, I hope this will not be the final we see from Rimburg. Even moreso, I hope Hollywood is paying attention to what Rimburg has to offer you. A lot of a stuntman and lady I have shared words with speak nothing but praise for his efforts. Accordingly, I hope we continue seeing far more of these from Ms. Facchinello for years to come. She's a fan favourite, for particular. And of course, if you need to have to see far more to believe, you can often discover the Youtube channel in the embed below.

Special ID - Episode 1: The Mute also stars Michael Lehr, Jimmy Chhiu, Brendon Huor, Bryan CartagoAlfred Hsing, Jerry Quill, Noah Fleder and Brian Le.

Mickey Facchinello Harnesses Her Inner-Yen In SPECIAL ID - EPISODE 1: THE MUTE
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