Thursday, November 7, 2013

Martial Arts Gang Warfare Runs Amuck In The New Trailer For Upcoming Malaysian Action Thriller, KL GANGSTER 2!

Lighting up this week's action film trailer scene all the way is writer/director Syamsul Yusof's newest sequel, KL Gangster two. The film is set to release in Malaysia on October three, 2013 and stars Aaron Aziz, Adi Putra, Zizan Raja Lawak, Ridzuan Hashim and Soffi Jikan, along with veteran local actor Rosyam Nor.

The film is the result of its predecessor, KL Gangster, which became a major box workplace good results upon its release on June 19, 2011, prior to its planned adhere to-up with producer Datuk Yusof Haslam searching for the Nor to be joined by Thai martial arts action hero Tony Jaa, who was busy filming Tom Yum Goong 2 at the time. I managed to discover a synopsis to get a mild understanding of what may be happening here in this latest thrilling installment of what appears to be an already promising franchise.

The translation comes courtesy of Google Translate. So really feel cost-free to take a read and view the explosive, challenging-hitting and action packed trailer below.

This story tells the story of how two brothers namely Malek (Aaron Aziz) and Jai (Adi Putra) are not directly caught up in the gangster globe following the death of their father ten years ago. Since the death of their father, her siblings in problems effectively while mom (my Faridah) they typically worry the threat of turbulence gangster groups who gather their father's debt. 
Due to the hardships of cash and then Jai becomes increasingly wild to prepared to do something for cash to modify his luck and fantastic opposition from his family members. Malek receiving bogged down considering about the dilemma and coupled with a report from the medical doctor who confirmed her mother suffering from cancer. Far more poignant when his younger brother, Shera has been raped. 
Meanwhile, Tailong (Tk Nor) is one particular of the largest gangster in KL are actively carrying out illegal activities. All actions tandukTailong not liked by other gangster-gangster, but had to contend with strength Tailong. 
Pada the same time, King (Riduan Hashim) and Shark (Syamsul Yusof) plans to strengthen the position of menjatuhkanTailong and groans from the Malek ideal buddy by providing reward big. Malek received the provide to cover the cost of his mother's and father's debt. But activity is not appreciated by her mother and they were driven from their properties. 
King became a lot more strong for their help and presence Malek tends to make Tailong feel threatened. He plans to eliminate King and Malek. There was a fantastic battle between the two groups largest gangster in KL when Tailong attack King and Malek. They almost lost to the hands Tailong but survived when the police arrived and managed to escape. At the same time, Malek saw "tattoo" the exact same in sharks and killer body ayahnya. 
Bermulanya conflict and enmity between danTailong Malek. Malek succeed Tailong to take revenge on his father? Succeed King and Shark dominate the entire area in KL? 
What outcome Malek fate, Jai and his mother?

Martial Arts Gang Warfare Runs Amuck In The New Trailer For Upcoming Malaysian Action Thriller, KL GANGSTER 2!
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