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Maria Tran Set To Bring HIT GIRLS To AoF 2013!

If you are a fan of Asian action films and are familiar with the crowdfunding venue, Indiegogo, you may possibly rememeber actress and filmmaker Maria Tran's look in the action packed independent martial arts hitwoman comedy, Hit Girls, which also attributes Hell's Haunted Palace and Fist Of The Dragon co-star Juju Chan, and co-directed by co-star Adrian Castro. If you haven't noticed it but, I extremely recommend it, as it exhibits some fairly great action sequences that invoke some wonderful action sequences with a story fit for a shortfilm that actually goes out in the blaze of glory.

Regrettably however, the video has given that been taken off YouTube, and for very good reason.This week, Tran has begun informing the press about her most current move to show Hit Girls to audiences abroad-most notably at this year's 9th annual international Action On Film Festival in Monrovia, California this month. In addition to this, she is also announcing another film project she will begin operating on in North America with Hit Girls and Fist Of The Dragon stunt coordinator, Trung Ly, and "Prince Of Piracy"/film promoter/writer and director Johnnyray Gasca. On that note, check out Maria's most current press release, and for a lot more information about the Action On Film festival, check out their official web site.

For more information about Hit Girls and the creative minds behind the shortfilm, subscribe to the official Hit Girls Facebook web page.

We are pleased to announce that short film comedy by multifaceted Maria Tran (Writer, Producer & Co-director) has been officially chosen to be part of the 2013 Action On Film International Festival, now in its ninth year, which runs from August 17-25, 2013 in Monrovia, California. 
Maria has been a lengthy time guerrilla filmmaker of the action film genre in Australia and Hit Girls was guerrilla international collaboration with Hong Kong action actress, Juju Chan. The film was shot on the RED camera and in 4 days. 
Maria Tran said: “Whilst being rejected by a number of film festivals in Australia, I’m glad to know that there is an appreciation of the action film genre abroad. I want to make films with an international appeal and I believe the action genre does it”. 
The collaboration of Hit Girls in late 2012 paved way for Maria and the fight choreographer, Trung Ly onto operating on a Roger Corman movie produced in China named “Fist of The Dragon”, starring US MMA fighter, Josh “The Punk” Thomson early in January this year. 
Maria Tran and Trung Ly will be flying to the states from the 20-30 August for not only to attend the festival, but also collaborate on an additional independent martial arts action film genred movie called “The Gathering”, directed by the prince of piracy, Johnnyray Gasca. 
Genre: Action comedy 
Duration: 16 mins 
Setting: Sydney, Australia 
Two mismatched killer assassins, sexy elite barbie Pixie Ho (Juju Chan) and hot-tempered, tomboy partner Charlie Vu (Maria Tran) are reaching breaking point in their tag team partnership. The mismatched duo must look past their differences when they take on an uncommon undercover school girl assignment and take down son of multi millionaire, playboy Michael Huang - their former principal school crush. But will this be their last assignment? 
Hit Girls is scheduled to be screened at 8pm at the Krikorian 12, 410 South Myrtle Avenue, Monrovia, California 91016. Tickets are $ 8 online and $ ten at the Box Workplace and they can be purchased on the internet of telephone 626-325-3406. 
Maria Tran and Trung Ly (fight choreographer) will be there in attendance. 
Requests for interviews and additional data must be directed to: 
Kim Nguyen 
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Maria Tran Set To Bring HIT GIRLS To AoF 2013!
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