Friday, November 1, 2013

LBP Stunts Echoes 'Jack Reacher' In The New Short, RETROACTION

The crew more than at LBP Stunts Chicago brought their most recent experimental action short to on the internet audiences in the kind of Retroaction.

Stylistically, the choreography is simulated to reflect the identical grit and tone of the techniques envisioned by stunt coordinators Paul Jennings and Robert Alonzo in director Christopher McQuarrie's 2012 thriller, Jack Reacher. Absolutely nothing has changed in the cinematography, as all the usual maneuvers are nonetheless in location, with wonderful shots and angles to capture the action, masterfully performed by Shawn Bernal, opposite Nicholas Foreman, performer and fight choreographer Alex Hashioka, and actors Greg Poljacik and Nate Hitpas.

Retroaction is but a single of a couple of far more shortfilm projects headed our way by the film's lead director, action director and lensman, Emmanuel Manzanares. So subscribe to the official channel in the YouTube embed below for a lot more stellar action from LBP Stunts Chicago.

LBP Stunts Echoes 'Jack Reacher' In The New Short, RETROACTION
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