Friday, November 8, 2013

JUST FOR LAUGHS: A Commercial Shoot Goes One Foot Too Long In FIVE DOLLAR FOOTLONG!

This past Tuesday, I reported that actor, stuntman and stunt coordinator Darren Bailey (The Scumbag Boss, Vigilante Diaries) was generating his independent directorial debut with the upcoming shortfilm release of Surge, with actor Tyler Williams. Nevertheless, those interested in a different side of the aspiring director could want to preserve reading.

Aside from action, Bailey also has a knack for tapping into other dimensions of film and acting, such as comedy, an experience that dates back to his earlier life in Cincinnati, Ohio, partaking in such function-length productions as Fingerman: Dr. London & The Triangle Force and Eastern College. After moving to California, he and Christopher Cowan, in a life prior to founding Thousand Pounds Action Company, created their own online comedy film group, Komikarate, which contributed to the really shortfilm, Five Dollar Footlong, in the embed you see beneath.

In speaking with Film Combat Syndicate, Bailey shares his take on how it all went down. "I came over to Chris' home 1 day just to hang..." he writes "...and he, Noah Applebaum and Dan Johnson have been tossing about the concept, but required someone to play the director. It was all improvised, and they didn't know what I was going to say with each and every take. It was tough to preserve a straight face."

Komikarate has given that been inactive for some time now, but Bailey, Cowan and the rest of the crew nonetheless write stuff from time to time, and are planning to ultimately put it on film. In the meantime, here's Bailey and organization, during a commercial shoot that doesn't really go as smoothly as this large fat-cat Aussie-accented Hollywood director would hope.

I would favor to believe that a excellent planet, Subway would have endorsed this shortfilm for its campaign.

Mature humor is abound. Enjoy!

JUST FOR LAUGHS: A Commercial Shoot Goes One Foot Too Long In FIVE DOLLAR FOOTLONG!
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