Saturday, November 2, 2013

Hong Kong Gets A New Trailer For SNOWPIERCER

With actor Chris Evans becoming much more and more prevalent today as an action hero, I'm privy to believe we will continue seeing him in bigger scale action films in the years ahead. Amongst this and Captain America: The Winter Soldier, he is a name that sells, one thing that has undoubtedly benefitted director Bong Joon-ho for his most current sci-fi action thriller epic, Snowpiercer.

Of course, in spite of earning postive reactions from asian cinema fans, film festival goers about the world and audiences in South Korea and France, the film has met some stagnation with English territory distributor The Weinstein Company, as they continue to sit on the film while unnecessarily chipping away up to twenty minutes for its own releases in North America and the U.K..

Yes, I know you're frustrated, and I echo these sentiments wholeheartedly. Possibly TWC has it that Evans will aid sell it also. Despite the fact that in my humble opinion, taking into consideration the public response more than the expected duration for its lagging U.S. and U.K. release, there is most likely far more appreciation for Bong's vision as a filmmaker at this point than the Weinsteins are willing to admit.

At any rate, fans will do as they should to get their money's worth, as fans will be fortunate with in Hong Kong. I know I will at some point.

Snowpiercer stars opens in Hong Kong on November 28, 2013 and also stars Sung Kang-ho, Jamie BellEwen BremmerAllison PillTilda SwintonOctavia SpencerKo A-sungJohn Hurt and Ed Harris. The film offcially released in its pure, director's reduce kind on Thursday in France on 300 screens, reportedly setting the record for the biggest Korean theatrical release in the country.

Based on a screenplay by Bong and co-writer Kelly Masterson, Snowpiercer is the live-action adaptation of the French graphic novel, "Le Transperceniege" by Benjamin Legrand and Jacques Lob. Set in the year 2035, a failed attempt to stave off international warming has left Earth covered in extreme cold and snow, forcing remaining survivors on a motion engine-powered mega train that circumnavigates the earth year-round. Ultimately, with a class technique dividing the wealthy and wealthy from the poor passengers in the back of the train, a revolution ensues.
Hong Kong Gets A New Trailer For SNOWPIERCER
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