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Going just a handful of weeks into October, New York Comic Con attendees and fans of martial arts action superstar Scott Adkins could not wait to meet him and the cast of his forthcoming film, Hercules: The Legend Begins I had to miss out that weekend for function purposes. That event led to the simple promotional push in London for Adkins's newest part as a vengeful underground brawler in director James Nunn's newly released clandestine sports and MMA action revenge thriller, Green Street three: Never ever Back Down.

I was contacted by occasion organizer Kerry Porter who invited me to the exclusive cast and crew screening of the film in London. Sadly, not living in London dimmed those hopes a bit, but I was fortunate to have Kerry's assist in becoming in a position to share my platform with the director, and primarily promote the film on Film Combat Syndicate.

Green Street three: Never ever Back Down was released in the UK on Monday, October 21, 2013, and returned with optimistic evaluations and critiques by fans in the area, and other regions exactly where exactly where Lionsgate UK is currently distributing. And this opening week of the film, I finally get to share some brief words with the film's talented and incredible director, James Nunn.

Film Combat Syndicate: How did you get involved with Green Street three?
James Nunn: Effectively, Lionsgate distributed my first film TOWER BLOCK in the UK and off the back of that my collaborators: Tea Shop & Film, Ronnie Thompson and I developed a great relationship with them as a production company. If you have seen my operate it really is possibly fairly apparent that I am very a lot a higher concept, action, thriller, genre film fan - and I've been looking to attempt and bring an American vibe to low-spending budget British cinema. In a meeting with Lionsgate at the Cannes Film Festival (2012) They described GREEN STREET three as a project they have wanted to get behind for a while, this sparked my interest and so it began.

FCSyndicate: Compared to the two preceding films, what inspired you to take this one heavy into mixed martial arts territory with Scott Adkins as the lead?
JN: The hooligan genre is really profitable in the UK but in recent years it has felt like quite related, almost carbon copy films are released regularly. My gut told me to take a gamble, and try to make one thing genuinely unique that would sit with the Green Street Hooligan franchise but also stand alone from it. In the very same way they rebrand Batman each and every 10 years, I thought, why the hell not try one thing no one has completed before and mash up Hooligans with MMA style fighting - If you are going to do that... Green Street is the very best 'Hooligan' brand to accompany your film and Scott Adkins is the Greatest screen fighter in the world at present (and happens to also be a fantastic actor!)
FCSyndicate: What was your most memorable knowledge on set with the cast and crew?
JN: Also several brilliant memories to recount - 1 which usually makes me chuckle is that we shot the film throughout one of England's coldest winters - I found it extremely amusing to arrive on set or be setting up a shot and see all these 'ultra-tough guys' standing around in big puffy jackets with hot water bottles and shivering... Man up lads!
FCSyndicate: For those not also familiar with this distinct sports subculture, like myself, how prevalent is Football Hooliganism these days, in your opinion?
JN: Football Hooliganism in the UK is low-important now compared to the 80s. Violence exists in the sport but it was much worse several years ago. I feel its a really primal feeling in men - guys have their teams and they are proud of them. It is like defending your pride, your team, your country - this mentality combined with the added backup of a massive group of alcohol fuelled guys can often be a hazardous combination. It nevertheless exists on a tiny level but it is organised, Joe Bloggs is not going to get into a fight at a football match unless they go looking for 1 - certain dress codes might indicate that you are up for a scrap... (say no more)
FCSyndicate: The very first film from 2005 was largely primarily based on the writings of author Dougie Brimson who is a former "hooligan" himself. Was he a element of this production process as properly? Have you met him?
JN: Sadly not. I actually enjoyed his book and would like to meet him - even though I'm not sure how he may possibly perceive my film - it is a really different type of story. Though, other former 'hooligans' have been involved in making Green Street three and they we're great guys to have about - extremely intense, but also light-hearted on the topic and full of great stories!
FCSyndicate: How quickly can you say the rest of the planet will get to see Green Street 3?
JN: Sadly when you have carried out your job and you have delivered the film it gets passed to producers and distributors - I don't have the dates for the releases worldwide but I know most nations have picked it up - I feel it will be in the USA by December 2013. Typically I uncover out about a week or two before, Sorry :-(
FCSyndicate: In sum, what can filmgoers expect from this movie?
JN: Expect the unexpected and go in with an open thoughts. You are not essential to have seen the other motion pictures - the only relation is the title. It’s not football heavy and it is a very various, fresh take on the British hooligan movie - I've tried to make one thing which you have never seen come out of England prior to. And possibly something you have not observed internationally ahead of. From the music to the slow motion it is a actually fun 80's style fight film, Scott Adkins provides a great performance as an actor and screen fighter. My agent says it reminds her of an adult version of The Karate Kid - ha!
FCSyndicate: Can you say for particular you'll be back on set once more with Scott in the not-also-distant future?
JN: Me and Scott maintain in typical contact. We have a few concepts bubbling away - you will surely see us teaming up again in the not to distant future! I really like that dude, WE WILL BE BACK.
FCSyndicate: What is next for James Nunn?
JN: Larger and greater! When I'm shooting once again FCS will be the initial to know.
I want to send a humble thank you to Kerry Porter for assisting organize this e-mail interview, and many thanks to James for sharing his thoughts with Film Combat Syndicate on his most recent new film. Currently, I'm functioning to see if we can schedule a discussion in between Adkins and the Syndicate's UK contributor, Scott Wiley, so keep tuned for much more updates. Also, comply with James Nunn on Twitter and be on the lookout for additional release news for Green Street three: By no means Back Down.

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