Saturday, November 9, 2013

Germany's "Magnificent Fighters" Feature Challenges Between Masters And Students In RED DRAGON

My initiation into German kung fu movies started mostly with the group behind the release of action star Mathis Landwehr's break out hit, Kampfansage: Der Letzte Schüler. Given that then, in continuing to keep up with independent filmmaking and as many teams as there are all through the planet, it is without question that martial arts cinema is a genre that continues to thrive in various components of Europe, specially with Martial Arts stunt team, Magnificent Fighters.

The group has been around for a number of years now and has just unveiled its most current third installment to its kung fu action comedy mini-project, Red Dragon, which began in 2009 with a story about a martial arts school that is consistently met with challenges by students from other schools, with every single episode ending with numerous lessons pertaining to respect, discipline, and all factors normally aligned with the correct spirit of martial arts. The series characteristics all members of the Mag Fighters team, which incorporate instructor Tayland Boyaci who runs the college. Also starring are Andy Lengthy Nguyen and Gunnar Heiss who also choreograph the fights for the series. Kostas Korovilas, Zheng Tai, Viet Nam Huynh, David Tvardik and Michael Aderholz round out the cast.

Episode 3 also has appearances by Massimilano Vitale, and Taskin Memeyagi, echoing martial arts legend, Grandmaster Kim Won Jin, showcasing his best scorpion method, which is not something you see daily in independent film. So I was hugely impressed, and I believe that would make the former Operation Scorpio actor very, very proud.

Check out the episodes below and subscribe to their YouTube channel and Facebook web page for much more information. And keep in mind to visit their official site as well.

Red Dragon Element 1: The Black Tigers

Red Dragon Part 2: The Orange Scorpions

Red Dragon 3: Revenge Of The Masters

Germany's "Magnificent Fighters" Feature Challenges Between Masters And Students In RED DRAGON
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