Tuesday, November 5, 2013

George Johnston Takes Out Two Armed Cops In New Mini-Fight Short, HYBRID

35 years martial arts veteran, 14-year instructor and aspiring actor and fight choreographer George Johnston took to the internet on Saturday to share a tiny gem he worked on with a fellow instructor and student from his Glasgow college, Hybrid Academy. Shot a handful of weeks ago, his most current mini project, Hybrid showcases a little taste of what he teaches at his school, on par with his personal vision for action path and stunt fighting. The project is his third stint at screenfighting and choreography given that final year, possessing previously coordinated the stuntwork in the 2012 shortfilm release, Rough Residence starring actress, martial artist, stunt performer, fellow Hybrid Academy instructor and avid Bruce Lee fan, Mandy Bhari.

The clip is extremely quick at about a minute and a half, shot just a few weeks ago properly under an hour, but remains nothing brief of convincing that with the proper crew, budget and vision, men and women like Johnston genuinely could use a a lot larger platform for his creativity. The editing does get a tiny choppy in the middle, but the clip is fairly excellent nonetheless. Personally, if I didn't know any far better, would have suspected it came from a Tv series or equivalent.

Anyway, if you happen to be inspired by the clip and are in the Glasgow area, really feel free to hit up the official Facebook web page for Hybrid Academy on how you can participate and stick to their content. You can also go to the official internet site for much more in-depth info.

George Johnston Takes Out Two Armed Cops In New Mini-Fight Short, HYBRID
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