Sunday, November 3, 2013

Film Of The Week: REDEMPTION (2013)

Homeless and on the run from a military court martial, a broken ex-particular forces soldier navigating London's criminal underworld seizes an opportunity to assume one more man's identity -- transforming into an avenging angel in the process.


Prior to a handful of other motion pictures I ended up seeing recently in the past month soon after drafting this assessment, I got around to watching the North American release of Steven Knight's directorial debut, Redemption. It is a significantly quieter action film and does not take on numerous of the characteristics of your preferred Jason Statham-casted common blockbuster popcorn flicks. Rather, the film is more poignant and character driven in the telling of its story about a fractured former soldier, Joey, wandering the streets amongst London's homeless neighborhood with girlfriend, Isabel, played by Victoria Bewick.

The film continues as Joey is injured while fighting back against a gang of thugs and seperated from Isabel who runs for her life. Joey soon finds secure haven in an occupied apartment with its resident missing, and soon, assumes an additional identity, cleans himself up and heals with the aid of Sister Cristina, played by the film's other main star, Agata Buzek. As Joey heals from his injuries and redeems his image, his expertise as a soldier are ultimately created known to an underworld crimeboss who hires him as a driver and enforcer. His newfound per diem and authority in town tends to make him an avenging angel benefitting Cristina, his former fellow homeless acquaintances, and his estranged wife with whom they share a daughter who does not know he exists. Evidently, his newfound little fortune also comes at a price tag, which also adds to the complexity involved in the evolution of Statham's character, who is drawn closer to the bleak answers behind Isabel's disappearance, and the only remedy he has left to dispense his own brand of justice in an unjust life.

Statham genuinely hones into his acting abilities and provides viewers a chance to see him for his acting talents, and not for the usual cockney-accented ass kicker with a set of sharp abs and a rock-difficult stare to boot. And nor does he portray a perfect hero with all the answers, but an imperfect man who belives in enforcing justice the the only way he can to hold believing in the world, in adore, and what small sanity he has left. Additionally, his on screen chemistry with the stunning Ms. Buzek, functions tastefully effectively, also making Redemption not just the excellent revenge thriller the film is, but the adore story the film needed to be. Buzek was marvelous with her efficiency as Sister Cristina, a nun who caters to London's homeless at a soup kitchen who reluctantly comes to Joey's help, and ultimately, as time passes, begins falling for Joey while her exposure to the world outdoors church walls help her confront her personal confliction with her faith, in accordance with the demons of her past.

Steven Knight, who wrote and directed the film, leaves his first mark right here as director because his career beginning with commericials in the late 1980's according to his imdb web page, which is comprised mostly of writing credits. Clearly, his knowledge foundates his credentials as an up and coming filmmaker with Redemption kicking issues off to a great begin for what I hope will be a a lot lengthy and fruitful career as a director.

Redemption is a rock-solid revenge thriller with a lot of heart, wrapped in muck, grit and tragedy, capturing all the precious and bright small factors that stand out in the darkness. It is a story about war, atonement, poetic justice, and understanding of the human condition, packaged in a certain delivery of a wonderful 1st film from a initial-time director.

Lookout for Redemption on Blu-Ray, DVD and VOD, as effectively as in other markets as Crazy Joe and Hummingbird.

Knight's subsequent film is Locke, to be released in 2014 starring Tom Hardy. Statham will be starring next with James Franco and Sofia Vergara in Homefront, from director Gary Fleder, and adapted for the screen by Sylvester Stallone and novelist William Goldman.
Film Of The Week: REDEMPTION (2013)
9out of 10 based on 10 ratings. 9 user reviews.

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