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About a week ago I came across an intriguing poster for what looked like a piece of cinema in the performs. I eventually contacted the man featured on it, actor, martial artist, instructor and innovator, avid Bruce Lee and Van Damme fan and native New Yorker, Paul Mormando who is currently operating on the production for his upcoming webseries, Double Fist, in which he will also use as a plarform to additional showcase his own martial arts method, Cha Ki Do. It also turns out he has his personal wikipedia page, which intrigued me even further. So I traded emails with him last week to find out more about him.

In the following brief interview, not only will get to not only understand about the webseries, but his roots as a martial artist and what tends to make him tick.

Film Combat Syndicate: How did you get started in martial arts?
Paul Mormando: I began training in the martial arts when I was about 12 or 13. I was a quite little, skinny kid and extremely shy, so that made me a perfect mark for bullies. After watching Bruce Lee, who was a modest guy in stature, take on and beat opponents larger than him, I decided, it was time to learn how to defend myself, or feel sorry for myself for the rest of my life. So that began my passion, or as my close friends say my OCD of the martial arts.
FCSyndicate: Who have been some of your favorite idols increasing up?
PM: I am a huge JCVD fan. I really like his kicks and his finesse with them. You currently know that Bruce Lee was my favourite, but unlike most individuals, I respected his martial arts side as opposed to his acting.
FCSyndicate: What inspired you to take that into acting?
PM: I truly had no notion that I wanted to be an actor. I loved martial arts films and I was a enormous fan but in no way thought of getting in one particular. Then a single day I was doing a demo for 1 of my martial art applications, and the editor of the regional paper covered my functionality, I was jumping some live swords, he liked it and decided to use it for a cover, and then a manager by the name of Ruben Malaret caught it and decided to represent me. Then the acting bug began.
FCSyndicate: A single of your earliest projects includes appearing in the 1992 cult action classic, American Shaolin. What was that knowledge like?

PM: That was great, it was my 1st little role, and I was cast by Keith Strandberg, the director/producer of No Retreat No Surrender, the car that began JCVD.   
I discovered a lot and at that time I was a excellent martial artist, and not so great at stunt fighting, so when I got hit, my reactions had been really stiff. So operating with the Hong Kong group that they brought more than was a fantastic finding out experience.  But the shooting and the operate was extremely tough, we filmed that 1 scene for two days!!!
FCSyndicate: Tell us about Cha Ki Do. What was the initial reaction to it? And, what assists it stand out from Bruce Lee's personal style, Jeet Kune Do?
PM: Cha Ki Do is the name of the martial arts style that I designed.  It is related to Sigung Bruce’s JKD, in JKD it’s all about self expression, which is fine, but JKD has quite tiny structure, and is all about the student discovering what works for he/she.  
Cha Ki Do incorporates the same four ranges of fighting, Boxing, Kicking, Grappling and Trapping Variety, only it is much more systematic, producing it a small simpler for the student to find out and adapt to. Cha Ki Do began off as a derivative of Tae Kwon Do & Boxing and later incorporated Ju Jitsu, Brazilian Ju Jitsu, Muy Thai, and Wing Chun/JKD...if it operates we use.   
When I created Cha Ki Do, I was a young martial artist with a passion, and a want to boost on what was currently taught to me by the old masters, I guess modify is not effortless for traditionalists, so they fought me left and correct, and attacked my age, but they couldn’t prove me wrong, and now everybody practices mixed martial arts. So Bruce was the grandfather of MMA, and helped us see the light, and I like to feel like I assist contribute to that movement, especially if you read my previous articles, I was performing this in the late 80’s early 90’s UFC didn’t come into our lives till the mid 90’s.
FCSyndicate: Tell us about Double Fist. What is the story about?
PM: Double Fist is a modern day version of the Karate Kid, only Urban Style. It follows the story of an ex military man, and his partnership with a street kid, and the series adhere to how the partnership materializes into some thing excellent.  
I cannot give you as well a lot detail as there are numerous twists, and some of the plot is fairly complex. I think the audience will appreciate it and will not see it as just one more remake of the karate kid. The project is designed for the entire loved ones, but adults will get pleasure from the deep storyline, and the little ones will learn lessons from it.
FCSyndicate: What inspired you to start off this brand new net series?
PM: Increasing up there had been three movies that I watched the hell out of, Rocky, The Karate Kid and No Retreat No Surrender.  As a kid who was bullied and the underdog, these films inspired me, motivated me and compelled me to succeed.  
I want to do the identical with this generation, I love kids and I want to support them by being a positive function model. Too many individuals of authority exploit their fan base but do not share the correct message, I intend to change that!
FCSyndicate: Was there any crowdfunding for it?
PM: No not at this moment, but you by no means know in the future.
FCSyndicate: How a lot of episodes will there be?
PM: Not positive, I have a wonderful, wonderful team!!! My producer Leonardo Sanderson and my wife/producer Anna Mormando are placing their heart and soul into this with me, so we hope to make enough noise in Hollywood to bring it to the subsequent platform, so I am passionate about this project, and would enjoy to see this on a cable network, on a weekly basis.
FCSyndicate: Contemplating this will undoubtedly be a martial arts series, can you describe the type of action sequences we can anticipate? Will there be any Cha Ki Do?
PM: Yes there will be lots of martial arts in the series, Cha Ki Do is a martial arts theory/method, so there are no actual true martial arts methods that are just Cha Ki Do, but you will get a feel for what it is.  
My fighting style on screen, will resemble my mentor Bruce Lee, his intensity was second to none. That’s what I take from him, his intensity in a fight scene, other than that, you will see me flow into various martial types, as I have a deep appreciation for them all.
FCSyndicate: In all your years in training, teaching, and entertaining, what lessons have you taken with you?
PM: Never ever give up!!! Never ever ever give up!!! The martial arts taught that if you want some thing poor sufficient you set a goal and function for it (like earning your black belt)  so I owe all my success to the martial arts, with no the arts, I would be absolutely nothing.
FCSyndicate: Tell us where your college can be located and how people can speak to you.

PM: My college is situated on 4626 Flatlands Ave Brooklyn, New York, and my site is www.doublefist.television will be the house for the new series.
I would like to thank Paul for taking the time to share a tiny of himself with me. I am positive the next a number of months will make for a busy schedule for him as he moves forward with his miniseries. That mentioned, work has given that left him to put his own martial arts Facebook web page, Martial Art Planet News, on the backburner. So if you have an interest in speaking about martial arts and would like to assist restart the web page for his readership, click right here for direct access to the page and message him your credentials as soon as you like!

I have to say, possessing been a martial arts cinema fan, I feel gifted to be in a position to talk to such wonderful folks when I can. Sometimes I really feel a small nervous and freeze, but I eventually shake it off. Paul Mormando was a bit of a surprise for me, and I have high hopes for his upcoming projects, and will be searching forward to what Double Fist brings.

Thank you once more Paul, and very good luck!

You can at present get American Shaolin: King Of The Kickboxers two wherever DVDs are sold.

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