Friday, November 8, 2013

Donnie Yen And Raymond Wong Begin Talks For IP MAN 3D

Ip Man 3D updates of the previous several years have been what I can only describe as a roller coaster of emotion for fans within the last many years given that the achievement of the 1st two films directed by Wilson Yip and starring Donnie Yen. At one particular point in 2010 producer Raymond Wong reportedly had his own doubts that the film would even happen. In handful of years, however, things eventually changed as the film was finally announced back in April of final year with Wong set to produce. His son, Edmond Wong, was slated to give  the script for Yip to direct the film as nicely, beginning at the end of 2012. Sales agents for Pegasus Motion Images even pushed the film during last year's attendance at Cannes, promised with a budget of up to $ 36 million dollars, a fairly penny for a Hong Kong 3D production.

Wow, so issues are looking quite very good then, appropriate?

Properly, since then, other unfortunate reports signaled the only other possibility that the film was developing closer to not even happening, which includes, among other items, reports of lack of funding and a disinterested director, joined by his primary star as they both became increasingly busy with seperate projects, further dimming hopes that Ip Man 3D would begin filming this July.

Now, we have some confirmation from Yen's publicist that he is in preliminary talks with the producer, despite not yet seeing the script, in a new report today from News Infeeds. The post also quotes Edmond who spoke about plans on casting for the part of Bruce Lee in his teen years, saying "Stars like Aarif Lee and Danny Chan are appropriate and have played Bruce Lee ahead of, but we are searching for a 16-17 year-old Bruce Lee. They may be a little also old. It is all up to Wilson Ip to decide,".

Both Ip Man films, primarily based loosely on the life and legend of the Wing Chun grandmaster, so far have been large good results stories for the Yip/Yen duo, with Ip Man two currently holding a 92% fresh rating on Rotten Tomatoes. The film also marks Yip and Yen's fifth film together as director and star, in addition to Sha Po Lang, Dragon Tiger Gate and the Hong Kong mixed martial arts smash hit, Flash Point. Sammo Hung directed the action sequences for each Ip Man motion pictures, on top of having a featured part in the second film along with the return of Simon Yam, actress Lynn Hung, action actor Fan Siu-wong, and starring British actor and veteran martial arts screenfighter Darren Shahlavi as Ip's nemesis, Taylor "Twister" Milos.

Yen is at present filming scenes for his subsequent action film with director Teddy Chen titled, The Last Of The Best, following getting not too long ago wrapped up component one of the two-component action adventure reboot, and one of Well Go USA's most current acquisitions, Iceman 3D, which is slated for release subsequent Spring. Yen can also be noticed in the most current teaser for the upcoming February 14, 2014 release of The Monkey King.

Stay tuned for far more updates.
Donnie Yen And Raymond Wong Begin Talks For IP MAN 3D
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