Friday, November 1, 2013

Director Sam Cleveland Brings You In On The Action With BOUNCER

The Action Elite posted some new info these days about a noir action thriller from Australian writer and filmmaker Sam Cleveland titled Bouncer. The film is currently in improvement with several bits of notion footage shot by the director, which includes a producing-of featurette.

Inspired by the Patrick Swayze-headlined bar room brawl thriller, Roadhouse, Bouncer is described as a much a lot more darker-toned modern day take on the genre, about a bouncer searching for a way out of the violent evening time atmosphere of the club scene right after the death of his brother, a properly-respected sensei.

When asked about what action fans can anticipate as he plans the production, Cleveland said the following:
"Properly we start modest with some hand-to-hand in the clubs and then steadily operate our way up as the story builds into a citywide gang war, then for the finale shrink back to one thing tiny and intense that focuses on the characters. I think on a lot of new blockbusters, every single action sequence is competing to be the most intense scene in the film. There’s not a lot of variation or construct, you just swing from dialogue scenes to manic action and back once again. That’s a single of the things Joss Whedon did so effectively on The Avengers… the intensity and scope of the action builds on this stunning curve until half of Manhattan is on fire. The first Die Hard is an additional wonderful template: the action builds from a single-on-a single fights to the roof explosion and firehose showstopper, then winds it back for the final shootout in the vault, just McClane, Hans and Holly."

Filming is all set and prepared to go according to the director. In the meantime, really feel free of charge to check out one of the notion trailers for the film below, and comply with the action on Facebook.

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Curtis Conway, a nightclub bouncer seeking to leave behind a life of violence, struggles to free of charge himself from a seedy soon after-dark world of drugs, brutality and corruption.

As a citywide mob war for manage of nightclub drug profits erupts, Conway, an urban samurai and natural protector, also finds his loyalty tested as he shields his boss’s mistreated wife from the conflict.

Director Sam Cleveland Brings You In On The Action With BOUNCER
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