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Director Rob Cohen Set To Sharpen Production For RAZOR

Earlier Saturday morning, I posted a status on Facebook about how I would enjoy to see an original female character come to life in the type of Riddick. Nicely, thinking about that the following news doesn't necessarily deal with an original property, it comes quite close I guess.

Several reports this weekend have been coming through the web indicating that Rob Cohen (The Rapidly And The Furious, Dragon: The Bruce Lee Story) is bringing 1990's comic book anti-heroine, Razor, to the massive screen. The film is primarily based on the perform author and illustrator Everett Hartsoe, who created the character in 1991 upon launching London Evening Studios, back in 1992. The news also comes off the heels of a successful kickstarter Hartsoe hosted back in in Might to aid reboot the character with Jeff Most Productions.

The character will be given an updated appear as the story will mainly center about the death of Nicole Mitchell, a young woman whose resurrection as 'Razor', grants her the chance to utilize her martial arts prowess and her surgically bladed arms to go following the individuals who killed her detective father and abducted her sister. The story requires numerous twists and turns by way of several editions and crossing over into other comic book franchises, most notably, James O'Barr's classic graphic novel, The Crow, which there is also a theatrical reinterpreation in the operates starring actor Luke Evans and director F. Javier Gutiérrez.
Jeff Most, whose production company is bringing Gutiérrez's film as it did director Alex Proyas's 1994 film of the very same name, is also tied to Razor as producer. It was previously reported in 2009 that Most approached the project with Archlight Films, initially aiming for a $ 15 million dollar budget and a 2010 filming begin date in Australia.

Additional details are pending relating to the plot, but it is believed that like all of the films Cohen directed after the 1980 film, A Modest Circle Of Buddies, and due to the fact of considerably of the present comic book movie climate, he will most likely aim for something other than an R-rating. Even so, this could modify at any provided point, so we will sooner or later see what follows in the months ahead as improvement continues.

Keep tuned for a lot more info.

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Director Rob Cohen Set To Sharpen Production For RAZOR
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