Sunday, November 3, 2013

China And Korea To Co-Produce THE FIST This Year

The Hollywood Reporter states this week that director Park Kwang-hyun (pictured left) best know for his function on the 2005 blockbuster, Welcome To Dongmakgol, is helming what is getting described as the largest-ever film co-production in between Korea and China. CJ E&M's most current project, The Fist, will share co-backing with China Film Group, and privately owned Pegasus & Taihe Entertainment.

Twitch's Pierce Conran delivers a bit much more on the backstory concerning the project, stating the film was originally titled Kwon Bob with actor/model Zo In-sung tapped to star as the lead just before CJ pulled the plug on the film upon the 2011 release of Ji-hun Kim's 3D sci-fi action flick, Sector 7. Apparently due to the success of director Oh ki-hwan's latest romantic comedy A Wedding Invitation, it appears that following waiting patiently for the last two years, Zo will likely get his possibility.

Zo's most current films contain the 2006 drama, A Dirty Carnival, followed by Yoo Ha's 2008 film, A Frozen Flower and Zo's most current SBS television drama, That Winter, The Wind Blows with The Grandmasters, co-star Song Hye-kyo.

Tentatively titled The Fist, the film will tell the story set in the future about a man with superhuman powers who delivers his personal brand of justice in a neighborhood deep inside the forest. The film will cost about $ 67 million to make, with China Film Group and Pegasus & Taihe backing 30% of the funding with $ 20 million.

Stay tuned.
China And Korea To Co-Produce THE FIST This Year
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