Sunday, November 3, 2013

Childhood Fantasy Meets Adolescent Reality In The New Trailer For I DECLARE WAR

Halfway into 2013, film festival favourite, I Declare War was picked up for distribution, Drafthouse Films has announced a number of on the internet release date for July 26, 2013, and a wider theatrical debut set for August 30. Created by Samaritan Entertainment, the film is directed by Jason Lapeyre and Robert Wilson, and based on screenplay Lapeyre wrote practically 10 years ago, focusing on a story that blends fantasy and reality, centered about young children playing fantasy wargames ultimately get out of manage. Illustratively, as the filmic battle scenes amongst youngsters with toys ensues, the more dangerous it becomes, blending war fantasy with grim reality, amidst deeper and darker toned embedded in childhood feelings.

With the surreal "war" scenes having been an concern final year, Lapeyre took to Canadian media to share his thoughts on the film's tone, telling CBC: "The violence was constantly intended to be real and intense, since we wanted it to be a metaphor for the emotional intensity of getting that age,” He also stated, “It’s about the emotional violence that youngsters do to every single other on a everyday basis,... If we wanted to be sincere of the reality of the emotional violence in youngsters, we had to really up the stakes in the actual violence we had been portraying.”

If something, the trailer speaks for itself, and it appears incredible as I bet the film did when it premiered in Toronto last year. Fortunately, the rest of us can take a look at this hugely acknowledged film and judge for ourselves.

Verify out the official trailer beneath and stay tuned for updates.

Armed with nothing at all more than twigs, their imaginations and a straightforward set of rules, a group of 12-year-olds engaged in a lively game of Capture the Flag in the neighborhood woods commence dangerously blurring the lines amongst make-think and reality. Rocks = Grenades. Trees = Handle towers. Sticks = Submachine guns. The youthful innocence of the game gradually takes on a diverse tone as the quest for victory pushes the boundaries of friendship. The would-be warriors get a searing glimpse of humanity's dark side as their combat scenario requires them beyond the rules of the game and into an adventure where fantasy combat clashes with the true globe.

Childhood Fantasy Meets Adolescent Reality In The New Trailer For I DECLARE WAR
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