Sunday, November 3, 2013

Check Out The New Trailer For Russian Fantasy Epic, DARK WORLD: EQUILIBRIUM

Russian film production studio Central Partnetship unveiled its newest trailer for Oleg Asadulin's upcoming fantasy adventure, Dark Planet: Equilibrium. The film is a sequelization of the 2010 feature, Dark Planet, previously helmed by Anton Megerdichev, which is reportedly noted as Russia's 1st-ever 3D feature film.

Primarily based on a story and script by Marina and Sergey Dyachenko, Dark Planet: Equilibrium is described as a story about one particular woman's part in the ultimate battle to sustain universal balance among Earth and the evil forces of the dark world threatening to destroy it. In comparison, co-star Pavel Priluchny describes it as "a fantasy for those who enjoy riddles”.


Following several months of production, the film wrapped in October of last year and saw its 1st teaser back in January with a very first English-subbed trailer back in August that followed. Twitch recently featured this month's new trailer on its website, creating the rounds, and here it is by means of Central Partnership's Facebook web page for your viewing pleasure before its Russian theatrical release on November 7, 2013.

Dark Globe: Equilibrium also stars lead actress Maria Pirogova, along with Makar Zaporozhsky, Evgenia Brik, Vladislav Abashin, Alexander Ratnikov, Grigory Scryapkin and Igor Chernevich.

Shadows leak out from Dark Globe to Human Planet. Hungry and frozen, they feed on human joy, really like and lifetime. Evil force gains strength and portal in between two worlds is about to be destroyed. The group of Initiates is trying to keep a fragile balance each day. But even they cannot resist the impending catastrophe. Only strength of Correct Adore will be sufficient to restore equilibrium and to save our globe.

Check Out The New Trailer For Russian Fantasy Epic, DARK WORLD: EQUILIBRIUM
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