Tuesday, November 5, 2013

Can government see your google search History?

I've read that google keeps a log of all the searches, and then after a couple of years, they delete them. And Google can turn those logs more than to agencies such as the FBI if they have a warrant or something. Your IP address is saved along with the search, the time, and the date.

Do I trust Google on this? No. Google is pretty bad as far as privacy goes. And despite the fact that I am writing this on Chrome, I actually do use Firefox often. Firefox is not as good of a browser in my opinion, but they are geared toward privacy.

Do I trust the government? No. Soon after this whole NSA and Snowden thing, I genuinely don't see any reason to think that they aren't going past what they are supposed to be performing. If anything, I believe they know far much more about us than we feel and they monitor way far more than we feel.
Can government see your google search History?
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