Wednesday, November 6, 2013

British Indie Action Film Group Begins Crowdfunding For 301 TROOP: ARAWN RISING

Actor, writer and filmmaker Lee Bennett is out with a new campaign this week to assist fund a new trailer pitch for 301 Troop: Arawn Rising. The new crowdfunder comes in light of key buzz surrounding Bennett's new UK-based British film production group titled Only The New Breed, a business devoted to delivering quality films that abide by old college requirements long given that abandoned thanks to the use of CGI and wires.

Only The New Breed is looking for as much aid as they can from action fans all through the United Kingdom to help bring their 301 Troop: Arawn Increasing promotional trailer to life in time to shop it in the film festival circuit. They have a cast of actors much more than equipped to deliver the goods. What they require most is £30,000 to make it take place. And that's where you come in!

Verify out their spectacular cast reel below, and if you live in the UK and you think in keeping the action genre genuine, alive and effectively for another generation, donate to their Indiegogo campaign to lend your assistance.

For much more details, check out Follow them on Facebook and Twitter as nicely.

Childhood buddies and best military recruits ‘Joe Campbell’ and ‘Matthew Mason’ are failed on the finals of their commando choice when an unfortunate injury results in them not producing the time. Ego’s bruised, Mason spirals into depression and alcoholism and is mysteriously haunted by a recurring nightmare. To their surprise they are named in by ‘Captain Dunn’ the leader of a particular forces group, to take component in a survival exercising deep in the woodlands of Snowdonia, North Wales, along with eight other recruits to secure their spot in the special op's process force. Things go wrong when one by one the recruits start off going missing. Unsure if its component of the workout, the troops that stay soldier on. When the employees Sargent top the group is taken, the recruits find themselves confronted with a clan of possessed Druids performing ancient Pagan blood rituals for the festival of Samhain, blood offerings to ‘Arawn’ the Celtic God of the underworld. They have to make the choice to run or fight…but things are not what they look.....

Source: The Action Elite
British Indie Action Film Group Begins Crowdfunding For 301 TROOP: ARAWN RISING
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