Tuesday, November 5, 2013

Awareness Is The Message In The New Trailer For Andrew Dean's New Short Action Drama, COPE

Independent filmmaker Andrew Dean is out with a new trailer for his most current project, Cope. The film is a dramatic action quick piece that takes a stark look into the lasting effects of a former soldier trying to acclimate himself back into society whilst suffering from Post Traumatic Anxiety Disorder. Dean wrote and directed the project with the help of a tiny crew for 3 non-consecutive filming days last month among August 19 and 30.

Cope stars independent performer, actor and stunt coordinator Anthony Giovanni Elias (pictured above), who Dean had recognized for about 3 months in accordance with the release of the documentary for Elias's newly established Florida-based film stunt and screenfighting group, Genesis Action Stunts. Dean shared his thoughts with Film Combat Syndicate on what drove him to create latest message-driven shortfilm. "I was inspired to make this since there are folks in the planet who have gone via events such as this." he mentioned. "The film isn't just an action film with great fight and tourture scenes. It focuses on the mental stability of a person and what he'll have to go by means of and understand to reside with. Sometimes there is not often going to be a solution or a fast fix. The film is meant to not only entertain, but also to make you consider and that is what I really wanted to achieve with this."

Dean also accredited Elias and the crew for the work they did in blocking out the rugged bar brawl scene that requires Elias center stage in the film. "Anthony and his guys took it to yet another level." he says. "They took real hits a few occasions, but it looked excellent in camera and the audience is absolutely going to see it when it releases.". That stated, I was intrigued to inquire some insight from Elias about how he interpreted his character for this, his most recent debut as a lead actor for a film project. He stated the following: "I'm a huge fan of war motion pictures like Black Hawk Down, Saving Private Ryan, We Have been Soldiers, the series Band Of Brothers, and so on. On best of that, I have a lot of household members and buddies that are in the military as nicely, and I've heard some of their stories. So when Dean told me about my character and what he was going through in the story, I believed to myself 'What's it like inside a soldiers mind when he has observed and been by means of war?... How does he really feel seeing his comrades die in front of him?... How did he feel when he created his first kill?... What is it like to be captured and tortured by the enemy for months and possibly years?...' I locked myself in my area and watched alot of documentaries of these old Vets telling their stories and attempted to mentally place myself in thier footwear to get my mind in that really dark spot. It wasnt easy, but I got it done."

Dean plans to release Cope into the film festival circuit, as well as on-line on October 1, 2013. Ths shortfilm also stars Genesis Action Stunts members Rodney Lofton, Andrew Trask, Derek Fernando Leavitt, Vidal Acosta and Marc Guionnaud.

Awareness Is The Message In The New Trailer For Andrew Dean's New Short Action Drama, COPE
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